Free Art Friday Exhibit: FAF

I submitted these two pieces (reverse painting and collage on plastic) for the Free Art Friday Exhibition July 20th in SouthSea UK that's being organized by MyDogSighs. I am part of the Free Art Friday Flickr group and I was delighted to participate (keep your fingers crossed the US mail delivers in time).
Here is a link to an an article in The Portsmouth News titled "Takeaway art's a delight".

To see examples of the jafagirls free art in Yellow Springs, Ohio, check out our slide show.

Blush! Deezden gave me this award and want to give a BIG thanks :) There are several bloggers I would like to pass it along too because I think they are brilliant. I never tire of visiting Art News Blog (always posts interesting info about the art world and not afraid to touch upon issues that sometimes provoke a visceral response), Failed Painter whose imagination and art (writing, poetry, photography, video, collage, painting) always intrigues and inspires. Margot Potter, what can I say about this lassie, she is fun, she is a creative wild woman and she is cool. Olga the Traveling Bra, I mean really this bra is an original, bodacious, audacious, and mischievous piece of cloth. sheesh, I never thought I would make a bosom buddy blog pal with a BRA! who knew! Lone Beader because her beadwork is very original and technically brilliant. Watching how each piece progresses and how they came about is fascinating. Laketrees blog is chock o block of interesting info, her art, links and she is a huge supporter of other artists (and that is really appreciated). Pollocksthebollocks because not only does he have examples of his beautiful abstract work, his blog template makes it easy to explore the many wonderful articles he has on famous and not so famous artists, art reviews and news. Art For Housewives just celebrated it's 5th year blogging, and I have been visiting for a while now. If you are interested in seeing all the brilliant ways things can be recycled into art, then this blog is a must with its gazillion links and tutorials.


Margot Potter said…
Coming from a woman as creative, brilliant and amazing as you, this is a cherished award! I sure hope we can hang out someday!

Thank you!

Undaunted said…
It's great to see something amazing happen on this side of the sea for a change! Thanks for the link Jafabrit. Your pieces look fantastic! Maybe I need to take a little trip to the sea side....

Congratulations to you on yet another award, and to all those who you passed it on to. You are all an inspiration :)
Kim said…
very exciting artworks Corrine !!
I'll keep my fingers crossed that they get there in time...don't you just hate deadlines !!
I know I have two to finish for the 29th August ..eek..
thanks for this lovely award..I'm actually for your very kind words :) :)
have a terrific weekend :)
The Lone Beader said…
Thanks so much for mentioning me! I am honoured! *blush*
cynthia said…
I just love the reverse paintings - very very cool!

Congratulations on your new award - fantastic.
James Presley said…
Congratulations on your award and thanks for the nomination
Colette Amelia said…
I love the works! Are they going on your art for sale website?
Bill Evertson said…
Of the two works the skeleton composition really speaks. Not to say I don't like the other, but the upper left combination draws the eye, Brilliant. Best
Thanks for the wonderful sampling of links. I enjoyed the visit.
Casey Klahn said…
The "Word" from Jafabrit widget is off the hook!
Well done! Again!Maybe , when our big show is over, I can persuade some of my crew to do a similar thing. One or two say it's a fab idea, but no one's doing anything!

BTW..I've moved my blog
JafaBrit's Art said…
Casey, not sure what you mean?? What word and what hook?
JafaBrit's Art said…
dinah, I was a wee bit confused about the blog thing lol! Your show looks great.

colette, these two pieces are free and will be found or taken by someone in the UK :)

hey, thanks for dropping in everyone, and glad you like the award as I liked getting mine :)
JafaBrit's Art said…
Casey, are you talking about the voki "a word from jafabrit"

If you are I just checked it and it is working.

ps. congrats on the brill award :)
L.M.Noonan said…
First of all thankyou--this is a sincere thanks, given all the deserving people you could have chosen; I am honoured. Secondly can I say what an inspiration your blog and the artwork is to someone trying to wrest control back in their life.
WoW! THANK YOU so much! To be listed in the company of so many gifted and talented people is quite an honor for this ol' bra'wd! :) mmmmm-wah!
Casey Klahn said…
You silly. "Off the Hook" is colloquial for good. Yes, I meant the voki. It makes me laugh and laugh.

Congrats on the museum tour group show @ Your Papers. Very cool.
mistie said…
Congratulations to you!
I love "art for housewives" too!

Small world.

Very nice blog here.

I'll be back soon.