Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Skeletons on the Street

Honey, does this make me look fat or phat?

So Esqualita went to town yesterday and did a bit graffiti and then went shopping at her fave store :) She is becoming quite famous since people kept stopping and touching her a
nd wanting their piccy's taken with her. Didn't have time to put up any knit graffiti, so I may do some today. Meanwhile back at the ranch I am watching the paint dry (skull painting). I have a terrible urge to do another painting on a record, must go, it is calling me. Helloooooooooooo Jafabrit, I spin in delight awaiting your gentle brushtrokes. Gotta go! Toodles all!

ps. you may have noticed the white around Esqualita! I moved her with adobe just to see if she looked better in front of the shop. Oh the marvels of technology and adobe!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my special girl.


jennifer said...

You are always out and about doing something great! Where else do you find a skeleton doing graffiti???

JafaBrit's Art said...

Jen, we were hoping the police would drop by and we could get a pic of Esqaulita getting cuffed for beautifying the village, but no luck, LOL!

Loved the video on your blog :) Yikes are you ready for street fair?

Undaunted said...

You just have way too much fun where you live! I'm jealous!

Can help thinking that pole up her bum has gotta be uncomfortable though...

Louisiana said...

hello angel. back to blogging i hope and sooo happy to be here.

sooo, your art work, proudly displayed i might ad, has been getting all sorts of new attention.

new people coming through our newly renovated home and i must say, all want to know who is that pretty lady.

i'm wondering if we shouldn't put a little plaque under the painting like they do in museums or something. what you think?

i like your new friend. i guess there is much to catch up on but i got to say she doesn't look fat to me at least, lol..Esqualita is a name i actually recognize from my Nicaraguan childhood, how on earth did you come up with that name, i think it is great. Different, exotic.

hope all is well. happy birthday to your special girl from here too.

much love and many hugs hon. xooxoxo

Dee said...

Hello Corrine,

Thanks for visiting deezden.

I traced you back to this new page today and ...WOW!!! I will spend a lot of time here ...I had only visited your other weblink (where I found the painted dolls on records slideshow).

This is a very serious issue today. I salute your courage and strength, our dignity is the most precious asset we have.

Love....and of course, I am adding your link to mine too.


Michelle (artscapes) said...

Esqualita has great taste and is talented too!

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Esqualita, you are looking fab, as usual. Love that lime green dress!
But yeah, I'm surprised you didn't get arrested for graffiting either - in the nude?!...Esqualeta, shame on you!!!!!

dinahmow said...

Brava, Esqualita! Y brava Jafabit!