On a lighter Note:Top that one, eh!

Somebody asked how we were going to top the knit knot tree

and my response was we don't have to. The jafagirls will continue to do what they always do, plod on doing their art, AND having fun with art.
On Tuesdays Nancy and I walk for an hour, talk art, eat lunch and then do art. Lately we have started our "Textile Totem" project (in between getting work ready for our doll show, art council stuff, find art fridays, and the upcoming Chamberbpot Gallery exhibit).
We took down the knit knot tree at the end of April and reused many of the pieces for our "textile totems". Each totem has or will have a theme.
Today the weather was just gorgeous, so being outside, petting passing pooches, talking with friends and passerby as we yarn bomb anything that stands still really tops it all!


Jean said…
we;;. I love this! I want a textile totem in our yard!my dad was in textiles, you know! :)
JafaBrit's Art said…
Jean why don't you do one! seriously. How fun would it be to see yours (I bet it would have some beautiful beads and embellishments.
Undaunted said…
I think these look great :)
Lynette said…
Oooh the lace tree is beautiful and I'm looking forward to the totem being decorated! You Jafagirls rock!! :)
Susie Q said…
Aha! So this means I need to make another visit to YS!! Yippee!! Next week I must do just that!
LOVE it!
Holler if ya need any support! :)

What happened to the knit-knot sweater after you took it down?
What I mean was...what happend WHEN you took it down! Was there a cermony or someting?
JafaBrit's Art said…
hiay olga, no ceremony. Nancy and I wanted to take it down the same way we put it up,quietly and without a major production. A few people came by and groaned about it and took a few last pics though.
Will you do it again next year? Or sometime?
JafaBrit's Art said…
I think we might as so many are requesting it :)
Visual Artist said…
The story revealed behind the art provides such a powerful connection. Yes I agree with you elitist is an aspect of that scenario. I love your knittting projets!

JafaBrit's Art said…
Thanks visual artist, glad you popped by.