Friday, May 02, 2008

60's and 70's crafts/fashions are baaaaaaaaaaack

Photo from my 1970 sketchbook-decorative drawing by jafabrit's ma

Does anyone remember doing this with old records back in the 70's and then painting or decoupaging them? Remember tie-dyeing, candle making, macramé, and flower power, and decoupaging anything that didn't move. I picked up an fashion mag, elle, and the Hippie Trend is back with a zing and a twist. Does anyone remember BIBA?
Talk about things coming full circle.
Story of the Happy Face
Wal-Mart loses attempt to trademark smiley face

I was in London and I was into Reggae music BIG time, especially underground Reggae/Ska, cropped hair (skinhead style and before skinheads became xenophobic and racist) trevira suits, riding boots, and braces (suspenders). Drawing on the left is by me and from my 1971 scrapbook (signed Coty, which was my nickname during high school, or potty coty by some).

So here is my latest work in progress on an old vinyl record. I think you can see where many of my influences came from eh!

Art News Blog had a link to an art competition, I thought what the heck, why not give it a go! If you have time check it out and tell me what you think.
Design your own Pizza Box

Oooh, check out pollocksthebollocks pizza box design, I would buy pizza just so I could get the box :)
Or how about this one by the Bird Proofer David Howard
Here is Maria's (busy in London with her play-woo hoo) at Baaahhh

I was so excited to receive a letter from the Yellow Springs Community Foundation informing me that the JafaGirlArt groups grant application for our Find (free) Art Fridays was accepted. It is very intimidating writing a grant (Nancy and I wrote it with the guidance of the Yellow Springs Arts Council working as our fiscal agent) and applying for it. It is rather nerve wracking waiting to find out if you are rejected or accepted. So now we can up the ante a bit and afford specific art supplies for the found art, as well as for a monthly demo in various locations around Yellow Springs.

In Indiana, it is illegal to ride public transportation for at least thirty minutes after eating garlic.


ckw said...

oh yeah babe--art since 1972---it never went away for me! i'm still embroidering--only now on my grandbabies onesies!
I luv your retro vibe-
thanks for re- inspiring as usual!

Undaunted said...

I couldn't help thinking that woman needs to scrub her baking sheet!

But anyway... Wow, lots of information in one post... I love your 1971 drawing, and your Mum's.

Only yesterday I was thinking about doing a big bold colourful design with butterflies and flowers, and you've already started it! Great minds and all that...

Great news on the grant, and a wise law in Indiana!

andrea said...

Funny -- I used to put *my* records on this thing called a turntable and actually listen to TUNES. :) All of a sudden I wish I had my old LPs, though, because what a great idea for a painting support! I sense a few garage sales in my future... (if the rain will let up.) I'm also lookinmg for cast-off guitars for same. If you know anyone...

Great blast from the past. Thanks for the grin. 'Course I was a wee babe in arms in the '70s (I wish). And congrats about getting the grant! I lack the work ethic needed to even apply...

JafaBrit's Art said...

andrea, I still have a turntable LOL! Alas these were horrid old Lp's rescued from a dumpster (from a flooded basement) by a neighbours son. He was kind enough to ask me if I wanted some. I sure did LOL!

synchronicity undaunted :) funny how it works, and wonderful too. I look forward to see what you do with our butterflies and flowers.

I love embroidery ckw, very soothing isn't it. Hope all is well at your end.

cynthia said...

Congratulations on getting the grant - that's terrific news!

Don't remember Biba - but their website sure is interesting.

HMBT said...

Congrat's on the grant! That means your area is going to get even better found art? Maybe I'll move to yellow springs now for sure! :) Looks like you've been a groovy chick for a long time, I too was Ska/Punk before they went white crazy...ahhh the good old days when safety pins, braces and thick soled black boots were "outside" fashion and just cool. Sigh.

JafaBrit's Art said...

Yea! hmbt lol! when a fashion becomes mainstream or when a group starts dictating what you can or can't wear in order to be part of said group, or it starts to become identified with something ugly,it's time to say farewell.

cynthia, Biba was in Kensington London and was the coolest department store I EVER saw.

Still Waters Studio said...

Sometimes I think I have hippie in my blood. I graduated high school in '76 so I was totally enamored with it. We live in an area with a high population of hippies. The hippie capitol of the south, The Farm commune in Summertown TN. (see
Your record paintings bring back many memories.
Congrats on the grant too.

Still Waters Studio said...

Looooove your pizza box too! Where can I get one. I'd frame it.

tkwi said...

I'm just glad not to see any funky bright orange and olive green flowers like mom and dad had on their dining room chairs.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the grant!

Love the old vibe!

Check out :

for some M Keane artwork.

Love spugz xxxx

Rosa Murillo said...

WOO-HOO! congratulation on the grant! what wonderful news!!

Anonymous said...

Wow--There's so much fun stuff here! Thanks!

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Great post ... although it does make me feel old knowing that I remember everything you mentioned very well. And - even had the beautiful "harvest gold and avacado" appliances. Oh, now I do feel old.

Congratulation's on the grant. That is wonderful.

The pizza box ... now that's cool.

jennifer said...

I am loving your non stop creative spirit! May I please have shot of your energy??
I got your message about the grant, but thought I might see ya at the gallery this weekend. Wonderful news!
hugs!jafa jen

Kim said...

ooh yes I remember Biba !!!
I lived in London for two years 1980 - 1982...
grats on the grant...and lots of luck with the pizza comp...
the record's looking great :)

genxsters said...

Congratulations on the grant! What wonderful news! I'm sooooo pleased for you.

Susie Q said...

Wow!! Congratulations on the grant! I am SO proud...does that sound silly to say? Probably but I am!

Hm...the 70s...I *think* I remember them...