Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Document for Traveling Exhibit

"ID therefore I AM"

I am everything you say I am and I am not. I am what you choose to see.
I finally got my piece done for the traveling exhibit called 'Your documents please'. To see another document with a different take on it, please visit the failed painter. While Loretta's theme is "'the stateless person' mine is centered on the mercurial nature of our Identity, and how it shifts and changes depending on the politics/personal agenda's of those who are looking. We don't know whether those labels makes us a friend or a foe. We don't have control of what is written in files about us, no recourse or means to challenge, no knowledge of whether those labels are a good thing or a bad thing, but then it could be both depending on whose looking.

The front and back covers are made of wood, painted an glazed a dirty grey. The front piece is an old computer part than has a dial that spins, oil on canvas for the eye inside the watch face, India ink washed paper, and wax thread binding.


HMBT said...

This is amazing work, I feel like I want to run over to your place grab a cup of tea and sit down with a book about something sorta close to who you might be. Thanks for sharing!

andrea said...

Wow. I love your theme (not to mention the work). I have always been fascinated by myself and those around me who are pretty good at playing the chameleon role with others -- according to context. The older I get the less it seems to happen -- a mostly good thing, in my opinion.

JafaBrit's Art said...

andrea, hmbt, I wonder if I haven't explained it well. It is not that I am the chameleon, it is that others seem to decide who we are based on their their own perceptions, prejudices, politics, race, gender, career, culture etc.

JafaBrit's Art said...

Glad you like the work :) I reworded the blog entry in the hopes I made myself more clear. Can you let me know your opinion?

Colette Amelia said...

I love it, I am waiting for a big party when Loretta, and the gang can get together for a good face to face yak and looksy at the creativity and art!

When and where?

Janvangogh said...

Fascinated by the found objects you use in your works.

Kris Cahill said...

This is fantastic work, Corinne. Your handling of this topic is done very well. It is something to live in this age when it is impossible to remain anonymous. The judgment and categorizing we each handle in a day is astounding. (Not to mention what many of us manage to dish out!)

One thing I have learned is that when I am in judgment I can't see clearly for squat. My goal is to be free of judgment, except for the good kind, like don't try to race trains and semis! :)) But when looking at another human, try to see that person.

Thanks for sharing this work today. Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Cynthia said...

You are spot on with this - and you're so right about people judging others based on their own biases.

I love the aged look of your book too.

Undaunted said...

I agree with Janet, you are very creative in your approach, with beautiful results.

Lynette said...

This is absolutely awsome Corrine... mysterious, intriguing, fantastical work!! Love the ancient, but somehow ageless feeling of this!

JafaBrit's Art said...

colette, that would be fun, a face to face yakkity yak!

Thanks Jan :) I love bits and pieces and flea markets are heaven to me.

Kris, I think if we are cognizant of "not judging a book by its cover" we limit it happening, don't you think?

Oh good cynthia, lynette, I wanted a dirty grey aged sort of feel to it. I was thinking of how we are cataloged and put in a box or data bank, which is left in some corner collecting dust.

Thanks undaunted :)

Paula said...

I found you via Andrea's Pratt's blog. Great stuff !!!!!!!!! Wow.

HMBT said...

Yeah, that helps! All though I did get it the first time (lables), this one is a better explaination to those who may not familiar with Jafa speak. :) The work knocks my socks off.

JafaBrit's Art said...

Thanks hmbt, talking about it on the blog and getting a response lets me know if I am articulating what my work is about well or not.

Hiay Paula, thanks for dropping by :)

Margot Potter said...


Do you ever make anything that doesn't kick arse?! GOOD GODDESS!

I have a feeling my publisher would love to work with you...if you wanted to make a book. I think people would scarf that puppy right up!


Kim said...

This is a very powerful piece which needs to be very out there right now! I am so glad you had the creativity to pull it all together! Great interpretation!

Thanks for sharing!

dinahmow said...

A well-executed piece. ANd isn't blogging a little like presenting one's papers? Do we give enough/too much information in the blog? Do people interpret it the way you hope?

(Currently, our local gallery is hosting the Libris Awards for hand made books and this piece of yours would have been well-received.)

the art of curiosity said...

Hi Corrine!

As ever, your work is thought-provoking, fascinating, enlightening & inspirational. It's no wonder that I'm such a huge fan of yours :-)

I'd like to give you the 'You Make My Day' award :-) The rules & regs. are on my blog & I will send you the jpg for this splendiferous award.

Thank you for making me think & see things differently. You're the most wonderful example of what 'the art of curiosity' is all about :-)

Take care,


doudy said...

It seems that there is 2 kinds of people now....people for whom we are anonymous and people who are judges of who we are!!! its very very hard to find these days people who just know you well but without classifying you according to their own perceptions.....

Claire said...

Hooray! I found this post a last :)

I spotted this piece over at your flickr site and feel in love with it :)

For my final counselling project next year for my diploma, we have to hand in a piece of work called 'Who am I', which is looking at every aspect of your life from childhood to now. From how you see yourself, to how others see you and how that affects you as a person.

If I had to pick a book to put my work in, it would be just like this.

JafaBrit's Art said...

Lol Claire, man, you had to dig it out too :) Glad you like this. I often astonished by what people believe I am, and it was the motivation behind this piece.

Claire said...

I couldn't help myself :)

I have developed an appreciation for art that I never knew I had. I think some people can say so much more in artwork than they ever could in words.

I am even thinking of doing an introductory Art Therapy course. More for myself really, but if I ever got to use it with clients that would be excellent.