Wednesday, February 27, 2008

ArtFul Playing

This is my first attempt at doing an overlay of a photo I took of my daughter. This image reminds me of the the Tattle Tale sayings.

Geordie Version
Tellie Tale Tit
yer tongue'll get bit
aaaal the little dickie birds
will come an have a bit

Scottish Version
Tell Tale Tit
Yer mamma cannae knit
Yer daddy cannae go tae bed
Withood a dummy tit
Dummy tit is a baby's pacifier

Tell Tale Tit
Your tongue shall be slit
All the dogs in the town
Shall have a bit
Tattletale, tattletale
Hanging on a bull's tail
When the bull has to pee
You will get a cup of tea

Hum talking about tea and recent obsessions with knitted things, time for a cuppa and get ready for an interview
(more on that another day will not tattle).
Part of a photo I cropped. Original photo taken Kiriko Shirobayashi of Debbie New's knitted teacup in the KnitKnit Book.


The Lone Beader said...

I really love the knitted teacup.

Michael said...

That overlay work is really cool. Love it!

Take Care

Kim said...

Really cool! What fun little sayings...clearly from the British Isles! :) You know I love that! The tea cup is fabulous and so is the overlay!

Interview? What? Now you are being a tease!

Have a Wonderful Day!

dinahmow said...

Nice overlay. And that cup! Can I have it to go with my willow pattern set?
And here's another oldie:
Tittle tattle, tittle tattle!
Listen to yer brains rattle!

andrea said...

Clearly your daughter takes after her mother! :) Beautifully done.

San said...

JafaBrit, you say this is your first attempt at an overlay of a photo of your daughter--what an amazing first attempt! Looks like she got your stick-out-the-tongue DNA, along with your good looks.

The knit teacup is so wry, as are the Tattle Tales. Your blog is great.

Mr Zip said...

Really like your overlay. Great for a first attempt.

JafaBrit's Art said...

Hiay Michael, nice to see you, thanks. I had fun and exploring ways I can use it for painting ideas.

Kim, don't want to get me tongue bit so I am keeping mum about the interview for now ;)

Lone Beader, I just LOVE some of the things that are happening in the knitting world, beading world too :) It is going into an whole new level and very exciting.

ha ha dinah, I like that one, brains rattle. I need to add that one to the blog entry.

ah thanks andrea, san, I appreciate that, I really don't do a lot with adobe. I would like to explore a bit more and see how I can use it for painting ideas.

Margot Potter said...

This is really cool, I love the overlay. Like mother, like daughter...cheeky ones!

I'm so glad you got your bunny back!



Kris Cahill said...

Your first attempt? It looks great! Very interesting image and technique.

Linda Blondheim said...

Really cools stuf to share with us. I lwasys love reading your blog. I ahve takn up crochet and I jut love it. Knitting i way too hard for a simple girl like me.

Paint On!!


Linda Blondheim said...

I am dyslexic, sorry about the bad spelling in my comment above. I get in a hurry.