Saturday, September 08, 2007

Shrine Box and Effigy Wish Doll

"shrine to wishes"

So here she is hanging around :) with a naked dickie bird, a piece of coral my husband found in Hawaii, a charm in the shape a corset, a beautiful little reverse painted vase my daughter gave me, and inside the vase one of my favourite, favourite smells, English Devonshire Violets by Pateman Brothers. She wears a flower chocker made from a patch of suede coat I used to wear as a teen in England, and a good luck " evil eye" bead from Turkey.

Living an Artful Life
Sometimes people will say to me when they learn I am an artist, "oh that must be so relaxing". No, hand sewing is relaxing, lying in the sun watching the hummingbirds and butterflies flutter around is relaxing, creating art isn't. It is exhilarating, frustrating, exhausting and exciting. Getting lost in the process and being in that quiet place within ourselves is a beautiful experience, but it can be exhausting. We can't be switched on all the time. That's when I need an art break and I need to get back to living an artful life and NOT feel guilty about it.
It's walking to the farmers market and getting fresh cut flowers, smelling freshly baked bread from the Emporium, it's dancing in the rain at the Blue's Fest, watching an old movie, reading a great book, going to the Little Art Theatre and drinking chamomile tea, eating off a beautiful china plate, a fresh tomato from a garden, watching the neighbours chickens, dancing around the house, creating and enjoying vignettes around the house, going to a museum, imagining walking on the northeastern seashore on a wild winters day, smelling fall, photographing odd things around town, listening to Richard Burton recite poetry, it's remembering moments spent with loved one's, shelling peas, picking strawberries, it's closing your eyes and giving yourself up to the moment, it's so many things.


andrea said...

Now and then I like a dose of poetic insight with my art and humour, so thanks J. And funny you should mention it because that is exactly what I've been thinking about and why I am planning to take several more days off producing art to contemplate my own artful life.

Jafabrit said...

I can see why after visiting your blog and seeing the amount of time and work that went into putting up your beautiful exhibit.phew!!!!

Susie Q said...

Very insightful, very true. And so many of your relaxing things I share with you...I find it relaxing to be in a bookstore or library, a movie theater (We adore the Little Art by the way), an art museum. Antiquing, just wandering around the shops with nothing in mind to buy, just meandering. Having Bill read to me.
Listening to sweet music or reading. A book on tape, read by someone with a delicious voice is heavenly.
Having a quiet dinner...a little wine...okay. I better stop or I will be so relaxed I will fall asleep. : )


Jafabrit said...

I have seen the most exquisite examples of living the artful life on your blog susie. Thanks for sharing :)

HMBT said...

I'll relax when I am dead. Just kidding...I love the doll in her new home, looks great.

Anonymous said...

Hmm..wonderful words Corrine! You said that perfectly! I have not been making that much art lately for that reason. It is taking my energy away. Yet when I create I find that I do get if in my own lil world. Music plays a big role in creating at least to me it does. I LOVE music and it often makes me feel as if I'm going to cry. I have been trying to put that aside lately to sing solo's again though. :)

Mary said...

I admire an artist that can do so much with the imagination a produce something with a lot of meaning and at the same time be good at writing. I have enjoyed visiting your blog and will often. I also love the portrait WIP, very imrpessive!

Colette Amelia said...

I also find that a lovely bite or two of some dark chocolate awfully stimulating! Lovely as usual

Mark Daniels said...

I posted my long-winded, but heartfelt, answer over on my blog, Jafa.


Jafabrit said...

mark you answer was wonderful to read :)
Alas Colette chocolate is a no no for moi until Jenny Craig pays off and I lose the extra poundage :(

Hi Mary, I hadn't realized you popped in now and again. Thanks for the compliments. Hadn't really thought too much about my writing lol! I am so focused on the visual and try to keep writing to the minimum (if I can).

I know what you mean hmbt lol! Glad you like my dolls hangout.

Nice to see you here Angela :) wish I could sing. I hum good though ;)

Lynette said...

Corrinne (J.B.) I love your effigy doll she looks very spiritual and mysterious! I have to agree with you that making art is anything but 'relaxing', good grief! When I get in the creative zone, it's like a full speed ahead burst of energy that is exhilirating but in no way relaxing!

Abraham Lincoln said...

There used to be a time, many years ago when I suffered from the lack of inspiration. I would write to my friend, Norman Rockwell or go see someone's exhibit, in an effort to get some inspiration.

I OFTEN WONDER what I would have been like had computers, the Internet and digital cameras been around 50 years ago?

I enjoyed your post today. Memories.

the domestic minx said...

Beautiful Jafabrit...

Your deliciously 'artful' day sounds perfect to me.
I find the communion of soul and spirit with nature so essential to recharge my batteries.
Like you, I put so much into everything that I can quickly become depleted if I don't take time for quiet reflection...
It is essential.
I would add a glass of fine shiraz to that.

Cynthia said...

I love her!!

emm said...

I loved what you had to say about living an artful life, I linked to it in one of my posts because I couldn't have said it any better.

I love your finished doll, does she have a little Mae West in her?

Jafabrit said...

lol emm, I think so. Here is my fave quotes:I used to be Snow White, but I drifted.