Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Resin Painting: Political Art

"saints of misinformation"

So it is finished, YES!!!!!!!! It's funny how when you take the pressure off yourself to create you start creating again LOL! Anyway I am finished with all the work for my exhibit next month. So what I did was divide the panel and then cut out around the face with my scroll saw. My husband asked if the face was a photograph. No, it is an oil painting . It is not meant to be a particular person, but if the shoe fits ;)

So here is what I did with the fabric, I made cushions for the settee and covered the lamp shade, da! daaaaaaa! Doll still hanging out in the rhubarb patch though :)


The Lone Beader said...

Wow! That pattern looks GREAT as a lampshade=:)

Cynthia said...

Love the lamp shade and pillows! What a great way to use the vintage fabric.

What exactly is a resin painting? Do you pour resin on to seal? Or does it add texture? Either way, I like what you did with this one - and I'm a huge fan of power tools.

oldmanlincoln said...

Yes, the lamp shade and pillows are nice. I also like your artwork.

I just began a new site about Japan in the early 1950s when we were there. You can get to it from my Brookville daily photo blog. Times have changed a lot there too over the 50-plus years since we were there.

Angela said...

I also have found that when I take the pressure off myself to create, I start creating. I totally agree with your statement on that.
Wonderful work! I love the piece that you have made. The lamp shade and the pillows are outstanding as well! *HUGS*

andrea said...

I wasn't sure when I saw the pattern on an earlier post but it really works, doesn't it? And I love the rug.

I'm also curious about resin painting. It's a great image!!

Jafabrit said...

cynthia, I am coating the panels with a resin like finish using envirotex. Some think I have glass over the painting and can't figure how I got it on. The resin coat gives it a high gloss coat and has a nice effect on the painting underneath. You can't see it on this panel but I added a touch of glitter over the text and mouth.
thanks lincoln, lone beader, angela.
I wasn't too sure about how the lamp would look andrea but I think it works. Looks nice when the lamp is on.

Margot Potter said...

What an awesome work of art. It's so striking and powerful in its simplicity.

Everytime I come here I'm amazed and inspired.

You ROCK! (I see you are coming over to the sparkly side...hee hee.)

I have to take a break now and again or my brain starts to hurt and my muse gets annoyed. It's research and development and it's soul food of the best kind.


L.M.Noonan said...

First of all...I love the outcome. The black is delicious. The face is mysterious and beautifully executed. I can't really tell how the resin or the 'cutouts' effect the work. I wish i could see it in person.
Congratulations that you are ready ahead of schedule for your exhibition. I'm usually working to the 11th hour.
Something else we have in common- I also collect vintage fabrics and I so envy that acquisition of yours. It looks stunning on both the lampshade and the cushions.

Jafabrit said...

thanks noonan, margot, unfortunately a photograph doesn't show up the resin. oh gosh you would have loved gregory's studio if you love vintage fabric. He had piles of the stuff and often used it to cover all sorts of things, not just furniture. He stapled yards and yards of it on the ceiling.
I like to have all my work done at least a month to two week before a show. This time around I am also one of the people helping organizing the art event for the art council art stroll night. So I need to be on top of things.

the domestic minx said...

Love what you've done!!!
I just love the office politics guy...well, I loathe him to be honest..I love what you've done with him..and his drool.

Vintage fabric looks hot in the lounge...

the rhubarb doll will multiply if you don't watch her..


HMBT said...

OK...love the lamp! The new work is fantastic too...as usual your artistic insight is amazing and inspiring.

Janvangogh said...

The pillows were ambitious enough, but a lampshade too? Turned out really nice.

Anxious to see photos of your upcoming exhibit.

Mr Zip said...

"saints of misinformation" is terrific. A great surprise for me, now I'm back from hols. Let's hope two weeks of no pressure on me have a similar effect.

Susie Q said...

Love the lamp shade and pillows. The vintage fabric is wonderful.

The painting is stunning...very powerful.

I was interested to read the response you left for Cynthia. It explained some of my questions as well.

Love the music...weird that I was thinking about Kent State just yesterday. I can not believe how many years have flown by and most young people today have no idea what happened there. Heck, they don't know what Vietnam is/was. Time moves on and, sadly, studying history is lost on so many.

Okay, so I am a history geek, an art geek, a geek in general I guess.


Jafabrit said...

I remember Kent state susie,and I didn't even live here, terrible day :(

I'm watching that doll minx.Glad you like that vintage fabric.
thanks jan, hmbt. I will be glad when my artwork is out of the house and in the gallery. will be sure to take pics of the show.

Philip said...

Sorry I haven't been commenting much lately. I have been viewing your blog though and keeping up to date. I like the idea of 'saints of misinformation' - does the text have a particular relevance in terms of the title?

I hope to get back into gear with my own blog soon. I'll be doing an article on the last question you posed.

Jafabrit said...

nice to hear from you philip :) Yes the text is a mixture of quotes by Bush and Cheney on the lead up to war. Being misinformed can apparently absolve one from telling a lie.

I look forward to the time you are ready to post on your blog.