Roadside Photographs

This is one of my fave views from the freeway driving back home. It is 62 feet tall and is in front of Monroe's Solid Rock Church. Roadside America has a nice article on it here.

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Colette Amelia said…
I gotta say that I love the bits and bobs that are included...the music is always so great!
eek said…
I guess that church decided they needed a really big Jesus to counterbalance the Hustler Hollywood store off the same exit. lol ;-)
oldmanlincoln said…
It is a nice view and the photo is nice too.

I smiled at eek's comment.

I now have started a bird blog.

Abraham Lincoln
Just My Birds Blog
Glad to hear that you're back. I hope your daughter loves Florida. I know I would. What a wonderful excuse to go visit it. Southwest sometimes has great special fares to Florida.
jafabrit said…
only when it's cooler Sherry, the heat this time of year was too much for me :)
thanks colette. I really should have called this blog the art life of jafabrit because it is so much more than just showing work that I have done.
I guess so eek LOL! oh laa laa!
Lovely abraham, will look foward to checking it out.
Ed Maskevich said…
I have also driven by this and love it! I have started a collection of Christian religious kitsch art. So far I have a painting of Jesus on black velvet, a statue of Jesus covered in red flocking and it has a slot because it's a bank, after all Jesus Saves! I also have a I think your art style could produce some great religious art.crucifixion inside of working lightbulb; a Madonna portrait made from match sticks, and a candle holder that is Our Lady of Guadelupe. Great stuff.
jafabrit said…
Ed that sounds like a great collection :) and I LOVE your pun: "after all Jesus Saves" too funny.
Cynthia said…
You always pick the best songs to accompany your posts!

I liked the accompanying article and the reference to "touchdown Jesus" and "Jesus drowning". It must be quite a site along the highway. At first I thought it was just a big statue of Jesus, but now I can't get football out of my head!
Janvangogh said…
I like the hi fiving picture.

This ladies has some kimonos.
ArtBiz newsletter had a picture.
At first glance, I was convinced the large white Jesus was throwing one of his hands up in an obscene gesture...

It's going to be one of those days...

Angela said…
What a wonderful view! I love it!
Susie Q said…
I always think of the Heywood Banks song, Big Butter Jesus, about this statue. It DOES look like a bitter carving that would be at a state fair.
I say it looks as if he is in quicksand and Gracie was a bit bothered by this statue the first time she saw it. She thought Jesus was drowning...

Oh my but it IS an interesting landmark!

I hope your trip was a great one and that your daughter loves it down South. We have lived in FL 3 times...lots to see and do and it is going to be glorious there in the Fall and Winter. : )

Welcome back, JB!

I must say -- the Big Jesus is kinda' creepy. I would NOT want to live across the street from that.
Erica said…
oh my gosh, just imagine if they'd included the rest of him...
there was a church not far from us that put a 7 metre (23 feet) statue of Mary on their roof, the church was on a hill so this ginormous woman in blue loomed over the whole suburb, there were so many complaints that they had to remove it and replace it with a 5 metre one - so now she's just e-normous instead of gi-
David Howard said…
Only in America.
In Australia we have giant tourist attractions, but not giant religious ones. We have giant Pineapples, Golf balls, Cows, Fish, Bananas, a Tape deck, Gold Miner, Sheep, Mandarins, Bunyips, Boots, and more. Each one has it's own tawdry tourist shop with strange kitsch momentos.
In fact someone has made a book and doco. just on this weird phenomenon.
jafabrit said…
Howard, we used to have a lot of those roadside attraction but I think they are more in the westcoast states. I really haven't seen too many on my travels. You do see a lot of giant crosses though.

It is sort of wierd isn't it. My husband wondered what the romans might have thought seeing the giant crosses. I blurted out they might think it is a sign for a execution arena or something arg! I know, I blaspheme. eek!