Monday, July 09, 2007

Prams in trees and it's Monday Morning

Gregory at Gregorys Studio of Wonders on Dayton Street just loves to decorate the outside of his shop. His newest thing is hanging odd things in trees. Anyone visiting has to go in, the place is like a Vincent Price Mansion full of odd things, wonderful things, incongruous things. LOVE it.
Current Mood. Dead Chuffed because I have been awarded the "rockin girl blogger" by Noonan. Sweet! Thanks Noonan, and I hope I continue to live up to it.

Village Police Report: a resident reported a skunk was in the field behaving strangely. Police shot the animal.
Since I don't really know what would be normal or not for a skunk save making a stink I wondered what behaving strangely meant? It conjured up images of a skunk perhaps reciting poetry, or dancing, or standing on its hind legs shadow boxing.

Current Book: The Drink and the Dream Teahouse by Justin Hill. I love it when you can read a book and it can make you burst out laughing not because it is telling a joke, but because a character in it reacts to something she doesn't like.

Studio Jafabrit: Effigy Doll gets her leg today :) Wood Kimono gets finished :o AND I start a new graffiti panel (oh I really should work on the pink bunny one)

Gau cha Adrian


HMBT said...

Hey I finally put up a picture of my doll! Love the pram in the tree...that is just FUN! Good luck on getting all that arty stuff done in one day...whew! that's a big list. Hope you have a good day!

Cynthia said...

I would love to stroll into Gregory's House of Wonders! But, first, I would want to discover it by spying the pram in the tree out front. You're right, who could resist?

Poor skunk...I enjoy reading the police blotters myself.

I'm looking forward to seeing the progress of the kimono and doll later this week, and by the way,

Casey Klahn said...

"If the bough breaks..."
Did he emanate upon being shot?
Okay, I can picture a skunk chasing a cat with a painted stripe on her back. No, wait...
Congrats on the nifty award, you deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Gregory's House looks amazing!
Great post! Thanks for sharing with us!

Gramercy Galleria said...


Wonderful photograph, it looks like the Yellow Springs I remember and miss. Thanks.


Cailleach said...

Ji JB,dropped in via LMN's blog and I really like what I see. I love the progress of the wish doll. That's a great idea! About how tall would it be when finished? It reminds me of the huge tall rag doll my mum made me when I was eight... you've got me thinking now! Anyway, njoy yer Rockin Girl Blogger award - I'll be back!

dinahmow said...

Great post! Great art! Great award! stupid policeman!I hope he was close enough to need tomato juice!
I'm going to be smiling all day at Gregory's gambit.
(Yes, do the Bad Bunny!)

Dr.John said...

LOve that buggy in a tree. Looking forward to seeing the doll with both leygs.

sue beyer said...

What's white and sits up in a tree?
A refrigerator.

I don't get it either. This was a joke going around when I was about 13 :-)

the domestic minx said...

Congratulations you rocking blogger chick baby!!!

I am afraid I can't move past the image of the poor skunk!
What could he possibly doing that was worthy of assassination!!!
Poor poor smelly beast!
I hope he squirted his vile smells all over the policemen's uniforms...

jafabrit said...

I am guessing minx that the officers didn't want to take a risk in case of rabies :(
That's a silly joke sue, but did it make you laugh, hee! hee!
Thanks Dinah, cynthia, hmbt, Gregory is a bit of a character and certainly adds to the local colour.
Casey, maybe the skunk recited, "to die or not do die, that is the question". poor little creature. I can't totally blame the police (I know some of them and they are nice guys).

Robin, I am glad it made you smile. it's a funny little place, this yellow springs.

cailleach, thanks for visiting. I think she is about 10 inches tall.

dr.john, she got her leg LOL! alas, I didn't get as much done as I thought. I always seem to underestimate how tedious and time consuming it is to paint patches of wood for the kimono.

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Gregory's House sounds like pure fun!

We have fox around here. They are so cute... but, if you are out walking you notice a smell and think "oh, a skunk has been here". No......... its just where a fox has uninated. Go fugure. No one shoots at them though.

Congrats on the award!

Sam said...

Love the idea of a skunk in a field behaving in a strange manner.

It makes me think it was all an elaborate show on the skunk's behalf. He was laying down a routine that involved mystery and illusion and the wearing of a high collared cape while making smaller rodents disappear from the inside of wicker baskets.

Shame about the finale of the whole debacle though, no artist deserves to be shot, especially whilst performing...

jafabrit said...

LOL Sam! thanks for dropping by :)

The Lone Beader said...

Hey, congrats on that rockin award!!

Lynette said...

I also thought of that old lullabye 'Rock-a-bye Baby in a Treetop' and Gregory's looks like a place that I would love to browse in all day! J.B. 'All American Girl' looks wonderful!!

Congrats on the 'Rockin' award!! (thumbs up!)

Lynette said...

Aww, that poor little skunk! :(

David Howard said...

Like the muted colours in some of your drawings. Your drawing reminds me of Art college, and some of the care free but interesting work some of the girls did.

Good work on receiving the award.

P.S. Found a shopping trolley in the creek the other day.

jafabrit said...

"and some of the care free but interesting work some of the girls did."

I hope it stays that way :) but howard what of the young male students, didn't they do care free and interesting work?

David Howard said...

Not many did - most of them were overly concerned about being seen to be philosophically or stylistically important.

jafabrit said...

ugh! howard, how tiresome.