Saturday, May 26, 2007

Resin Painting and Oddities

This is my newest piece inspired by one of my favourite artists, frida kahlo, and again following the theme of stencil graffiti art. It's painted black gesso on mdf, a coat of deep red acrylic, then white acrylic. It was then scratched,sanded, then the image painted in oil. In the bottom right I attached a piece of foil I had embossed. The final piece was covered with a resin coat, plus a few sprinkles of fine silver glitter.

I seem to be at a stage in my art life where I enjoy the unexpected (which I suppose is why graffiti/street art and found art appeals to me) more than anything else. Well I found it at a gas station in the middle of nowhere in Kentucky. Talk about kitsch, and odd, and unexpected. It was pure fun to explore. I don't know who did it or why, but I love that it was there.


christina said...

this is absolutely gorgeous. Do you sell? have a gallery? I love Frida, i love her disposition. How in every self portrait, she appears so unhappy. like something is always missing.

Janvangogh said...

No problems with the resin over oil?

Fun guitar. Looks like it must have been some local celebs.

jafabrit said...

Thanks christina, I do sell my work, usually through IN A FRAME
but this painting isn't for the gallery. It is going to be shown at the chamberpot gallery reception in June, then slated for the October art stroll exhibit. I will be selling it though.

Hi Jan,
I did a test piece almost 2 years ago and it is fine, and haven't heard any probs with chris offili's work, so I figured it should be okay.

D Howard said...

I saw a photo exhibition on Frida in a Miami gallery. It was a series of black and white photos of posed and domestic shots. She is an interesting artist who was overshadowed by her partner Diego. Her art was so intriguing and so was she.

Michael said...

very cool

Take Care

Shez said...

Oh, Corrine, this one really appeals to me. Wonderful piece. Love how you captured her with minimal strokes.You caught her so well. Thanks for sharing your process. I have never worked with resin. What size is the piece? Would love to see it in person.

Dr.John said...

The picture has a strange feeling to it. It causes me to wonder about the person in the picture.
I liked the guitar.

Vanessa said...

Beautiful picture, I love Frida, such an passionate and amazing lady.

Cynthia said...

LOVE this painting!!! There's something about it and not just the subject, it could be anyone and I would still like it.

The guitar rocks!

The Lone Beader said...

I love that piece you did, as well as the funky guitar! interesting find:)

the domestic minx said...

I am in love with Frida and would love this hanging in my home!!
It is absolutely beautiful!!
Black, white and red are my very favourite colours!!

Love the unexpected street art!
I enjoy discovering little treasures like that too!!

HMBT said...

Wonderful! I Love the glitter in the resin... that's very, very cool. So, it's acrylics under oil? Is that how you get that deep floaty feeling in your work...I mean do you usually paint with acyrlics first? It a great work. Where in KY was the guitar? I live in KY...I'd love to check it out.
Have a good one!

jafabrit said...

hmbt, very often I start a work with acylics, collage, and then last of all oil. Before I pour the resin I sprinkle a bit glitter or glue in other objects. I think the guitar was on Route 23 N between Loulsa & Ashland.
Thanks for dropping in howard, I bet the photo exhibit was fabulous. I have only seen one frida kahlo painting in the real in MOMA. It was really small but the detail was fascinating.
Shez, it is 24"x24", so it isn't too large. I think these panels are better seen in person since the resin adds an element hard to see on here.
thanks dr.john, vannessa, michael, glad you popped in :)
Minx, it sort of reminds me of the photo you have (although yours is delightfully saucy).

cynthia, lone beader, I just LOVES that guitar :)

the domestic minx said...

Yes, of course!!

It is obviously those colours that I am always drawn to!

July Jewels is definitely more "cheeky"!!

Margot Potter said...

What an incredible painting. WOW! You are such an amazing artist. Everything you do is so infused with energy...powerful energy. You've got Artistic Super Sauce!


I love the cockroaches too!

Ms. M