Photos of Gatlinburg and Smokey Mountains

photo of gatlinburg by c.bayrak

Err, so this is the what the Chimney Tops trail looked like in the Smokey Mountains. I had to swallow a lot of pain meds, bloody mary's and pack ice packs to recover from 2 hours of hiking on this. It is normally a 4 hour hike, but I couldn't make it, despite meds. Oh it was worth it though, just gorgeous. We stayed in Gatlinburg, which incredibly has retained its charm despite a HUGE increase in tourist attractions (we first visited 29 years ago).

Oh, my vending machined arrived, boy those people at are FAST. Now Nancy and I need to get cracking and make some little art.


The Lone Beader said…
Did someone say bloody marys??? Hope you're feeling betta now. LOL.
jafabrit said…
no not feeling better lol! need to continue the bloody mary's ;)
Michael said…
Lovely pictures

Take Care
Maria & Stefano said…
It looks sooo pretty!!!

Can't wait for the gum machine!!!

LynClay said…
Aw J.B. I'm sorry your back is giving you a hard time and I hope it has eased up by now. The mountains are so gorgeous and it makes me want to go up there to see them. I have some relatives up there that I haven't seen in many years. Gorgeous scenery!!
Dr.John said…
Great pictures. Worth the pain.
The Salems said…
hiya hinny :) they say "No pain No gain," but Me sez "Pain is still pain even with the gain.." inspired07
So glad you're back!
But disappointed to hear about your bloody back!!
Keep up those Bloody Marys darling!!
What brilliant scenery.

The gumball machine is inspired.
Janvangogh said…
Oh, I bet you are excited about all the little pieces of art you can fill the machine with.

Hope the pain goes away soon.
jafabrit said…
hiay everyone, nice to be back and will be doing me rounds on the blog circuit soon. Meanwhile working on making little art, and a sample graffiti panel for the chamberpot gallery reception coming up soon.

You can tell little art is preying on my mind when I had a dream about 5 little pieces of art over and over again last night, like the needle was stuck.
Angela said…
Ohhh wonderful photo's girl!
Cynthia said…
Love the bloggy marys, oops, I meant bloody marys!

So sorry your're not feeling better. The photos look magical. Can't wait to see Art Ball.

Welcome back.
Glad your got your vending machine. I think that's a great idea. Is it time you went to a doctor with your back?????????
Lauren said…
Beautiful photos! Hope you feel better soon.
Susie Q said…
I am so glad you got to go on your trip. Bill and I met in the Smokies 32 years ago so it is a special place to us. Getting more commercialized (Phooey) but still holding onto it's charm. My parents lived 2 hours from it so we used to go a lot. With Dad gone, Mom is now living here but we will try to go this Summer. Grace enjoys it there. Beautiful pictures...

I love the idea of the vending machine and *little art*. How cool is that.

That graffiti guitar is super. I do know where it is! : )

Hope your back is is awful being in pain. I will keep a good thought...

I do believe the AMA recommends Bloody Mary's for back aches. I can look it up...

You were in Tennessee?!!! You were about 4 hours from me. My second son was almost born in Gatlinburg at a wedding reception but I made it to Knoxville to a hospital there. He came a month early and was supposed to have been born at home. It worked out well though.
I'm glad you had fun in the Smokeys.

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