Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Evil Footstools and WIP

Take a good look at this, because this is an EVIL bloody footstool, I swear it! It attacked me yesterday morning and trapped my little toe. My husband had to extricate me from it. In between my foot in a bucket of cold water, and drinking Tequila's I spent the day full of self pity. On the bright side it means I have to sit at my studio desk and make 160 little bits of art for my art balls, plus I have to figure out what next on the newest Graffiti panel.

I do know it will be called "bad bunny" (read the pink text). I did the bunny and those are the first words I thought of when I looked at it LOL! Haven't got a clue what to do with it next, although I will add the hinges on the left and a small door knob on the right, a few drips from the bunny's feet. oh, pink glitter, must get me some glitter! woo! hoo! sparkly stuff, I love sparkly stuff. Maybe that is why I so enjoy Margot's Blog, full of sparkle, wit and brevity all rolled into one.

ABOUT the MUSIC: well some might question it being music at all LOL! I know some might find it annoying, so just switch off. I LOVE it and from a creative standpoint this is some of what I listen to when I am creating my art (yes I know some might question whether it is art LOL!). This is ME :)


inspired07 said...

i like the 3 wise monkeys bit.. or their lesser known name of the 3 wise No'z... by the way that footstool does look a bit physco-ish..
:o :o :o

inspired07 said...

Hi 2 all &
Enjoy your pizza ..

andrea said...

Today I plan to spend the day full of self pity because I have no tequila! Bad Bunny is a subversive delight.

Anonymous said...

I am sure glad I came over to thank you for stopping and commenting on my blog. I like your place and think it was my first time here.

The photos are nice and the story is great.

I didn't do much today but...

I did write about how people used to wear long underwear over winter or until we began to stink. You can find the link at the bottom of the post today.

Brookville Daily Photo

Janvangogh said...

I like the bunny. But I think I might give him strawberries instead.

dinahmow said...

I love the tape over the hinges!Sorry about that evile bloody stool.I suggest you get your own back and turn it into an artwork

Maria & Stefano said...


I've tagged you...stop by at my place when you have a sec;)



Cynthia said...

That really made me laugh out loud - what a baad bunny.

Plus I like the see/hear/speak no evil monkeys.

Sorry about the bloody stool, but, tequila should do the trick.

the domestic minx said...

I believe the footstool is evil.
What a cruel twist of Fate - not to mention your toe!!

Don't forget the Benedictine.
Those monks knew what they were up to...trust me.

Love Bad Bunny ..grr..!!

The Lone Beader said...

I hear on the music thing. Nice choice=:)

Philip said...

There will never be another Hendrix!

Dr.John said...

That rabbit looks like Mrs. Trumble image of the white rabbit in Pigeon Falls.

Susie Q said...

My son just came to life when he heard Hendrix! I rather like the music..: )
LOVE the baaaad bunny. I would be sure to give him the carrot. Like the sparkle idea. He is a bunny in need of love...just a little. Or, he could be in cahoots with that stool.

Wow. That stool must be stopped. I once had a rocking chair that did the same thing to me twice. I vowed to get even. It is now in the basement of my brother's house where it is gnawed on regularly by their 90 pound dog. Fitting end what?
Has the tequila helped yet?

HMBT said...

The footstool gave me nightmares last night...I'd tell it I was going to take it on a trip and then drive out into the deep dark woods, take a fake foot with you so it has something to chew on for the ride, and then leave it and run!
I love the new work...you are so inspiring me right now...the panels are so free of social rules and dogma that it makes my heart sing. evil bunnies rule!

Margot Potter said...


That was awful nice of you Ms. Jafabrit!

How much do I love this pink bunny?!


He's like an evil dust bunny from outer space!