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"The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way. Some see nature all ridicule and deformity . . . and some scarce see nature at all. But to the eyes of the man of imagination, nature is imagination itself. "
William Blake
One of the many reasons I love living in Yellow Springs is Glen Helen, a 1000 acre reserve. It is where the Yellow Spring is, waterfalls, stepping stones, trails, indian mounds, a place where the Shawnee walked. We walked for an hour there on Sunday.

I am off in a min to walk with my friend Nancy on the bike trail next to the glen where we get a different kind of view :)
“Laughter is the only tranquilizer with no side effects.”
Graffiti Quote
There is a nice photo essay called "Art of The Street" at the Time wesbite .
There is also a poll in which they ask, art or vandalism? It is interesting to see the poll and see that more than ever before street art is being viewed as art rather than vandalism.


Cynthia said…
I always find good information on your blog, Jafabrit!

As to the is it art question...gee that's so loaded. I suppose that depends on if one has been tagged or not. I keep expecting to be tagged since we're in the city and I see tags everywhere, but it hasn't happened yet. Denver has a policy that homeowners have to remove it within a certain period of time.

A former peer of mine in landscape arch school did a graffiti park as one of his studio projects that provoked a lot of interesting conversation. Would graffiti artists/taggers actually use a designated space, or does it lose its allure?

Is it intended as art, or is it gang related? I guess all good questions. The artists featured in the Time article are certainly part of the former. There's sort of a cross-over gray zone that's hard to categorize.
jafabrit said…
Some local councils in England have designated graffiti spaces/walls and they are used and it has helped a lot from what I've read. I wouldn't mind banksy doing something on my house somewhere :) not sure hubby would like it though :(

Tagging is associated with gangs, but the throw ups, hip hop graf and poster/sticker art are street artists of a different cup of tea.
Angela said…
Ohhh it is sooo wonderful how nature is full of art itself. :) I think... Thank you for sharing this with us!

What a wonderful place to walk.
Honestly, to me that type of art if put anywhere is beautiful. Art is beautiful in many ways.That type of art CAN be done though on canvas's and places with permission I think. Not everyone is an artist and those that aren't may be offended by it. Personally though, I wouldn't be offended by it. It's art and art to me is beautiful! I just would rather put that on a canvas,myself.

Found Art that is left for people to find they can choose what to do with. I REALLY REALLY think that found art is kewl for that reason!
Margot Potter said…
I think it depends...tags are one thing...grafitti art is another. I love murals and street art. I love transient art that is only there until the sea or the rain or the wind removes it. It's all fascinating stuff.

That being said, I wanted to kick the butt of the person who tagged my Amish neighbor's barn with a giant STINKY. That...was lame...and there was nothing artful about it.
andrea said…
Very thoughtful post! As for street art -- I just had a stab at the same topic over on my blog! (...and there's graffiti one post down. I call it art myself.) There's a very blurry line between the two, isn't there?
jafabrit said…
margot I understand. It is painting in certain places, such as an old barn that can give it such a bad rap.

andrea, I really enjoyed your blog entry on gormley and the photos.

angela, I think if I was young and living in London again I would be doing graffiti :) spuggy woz here!!!! lol!
Dr.John said…
I think the street art in the picture fits in with nature in the front. Thanks for both pictures.
I love the everyday art found in the beautiful world around us, not simply in nature, but the shapes and forms in structures that we create, perhaps even the lonely bottle cap squashed into the pavement.
True hip hop graffiti and street art is beautiful too.

I think most people loathe tagging. It is ugly, invasive and insidious. And lazy. While graffiti, it is not art.

But it really is in the eyes of the beholder isn't it...
LynClay said…
Oh I love the quote by William Blake, thanks for sharing that J.B.! I would love to walk across those flat stones and see the water rippling in the shallow water, what a beautiful area you live near!
sue beyer said…
The forest photo is beautiful. It's good to get out of town and walk amongst the trees.
dinahmow said…
Well, if some of the fashionable, high-priced stuff is "art" then a colourful wall srayed from a well-wielded can must surely merit the same label.
Michael said…
Beautiful place to walk.

Art or Vandalism. It is both.
There are many places where it is public property and in that sense it may be more art. But what of the places that are private? Would you appreciate a new paint job to your car?
Then there is the matter of taste. Who decides what is for public view?
An interesting argument for sure. I like the designated area solution.

Take Care
The Salems said…
wow Geordies here there and everywhere ... Howay hinney
jafabrit said…
eee, thanks for dropping in pet :) always a pleasure to bump into a fellow Geordie.
The Salems said…
And thank you for your visit .. Whey aye man ( y i man ) teach em Geordie wor lass ... A Geordie from North Shields.. The ridges estate now known as the Meadowell Estate ... keep going on...
jafabrit said…
Leam lane estate, gateshead or gatesheed as the locals say it :)
I love the stones through the stream. It makes me want to walk there. Stillwaters likes flowing water too.
I think designating places for graffiti is a good idea. Sometimes it is art, and sometimes it's not.
jafabrit said…
I think graffiti is like any other art form, some is good, some isn't, and like some art there is a time and a place.
The Lone Beader said…
I love the laughter quote. I laugh at everything.
Maria & Stefano said…
Oh it's so beautiful and peaceful...I need it now!!!

dinahmow said…
Me again! I thought I'd share a link to a lovely little town in NZ. Katikati is not the only "arty" place, but I didn't see any vandalistic graffiti there; people are proud of their art and would be hurt to see it marred.
Philip said…
I like the idea of street art and artists painting in the street(as per the recent video on Martha Marshall's blog). Some graffiti is art and some is vandalism in my book.It is a pity that the two are often linked together. The 'art' really improves the environment and brings art out of galleries which are often like libraries or churches. I don't think art should always be safe or exclusive in content or access. The slogans that are often used are like a 'thought for the day' and that is a good thing that I also enjoy about it.There is a free speech thing going on and I'm all for free speech.
jafabrit said…
Maria, I imagine your life like my new graffiti panel, beautiful mayhem.
Dinah, I enjoyed looking at your link :) what a beautiful place and the artwork is gorgeous.

I agree with your statement philip "Some graffiti is art and some is vandalism in my book", its a fine line.
Janvangogh said…
Starting to warm up a bit here. The creek looks tempting.
Jackal said…
Beautiful image of nature and the words from Blake.

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