Saturday, February 03, 2007

sketchbook: quilt patches in paint

I've always loved quilts and have done the occasional pieces of work that show my love of quilts. Somehow I see a correlation between quilts and my sketchbook. Just like patchwork quilts a sketchbook is a patchwork of ideas, colours, shapes and forms symbolizing the channeling of creative energy coming together as a whole.

On the other hand Ms. Robinson's work is rich with texture, shapes, and colours and it's like taking a fantastic visual journey full of suprises. Aminah Robinson's quilt title" journeys" in the National Underground Railroad FREEDOM CENTER in Cincinnati is amazing.


Anonymous said...

I am the same way. Although I haven't put many of my older works on my blog. They can be seen on artwanted or my site. I have thought of putting them on my blog though. I will most likely get back to quilt paintings.I go back and is soooo wonderful. You can do whatever floats your boat at the time! It's sooo freeing! As for quilt paintings,I even called two of my paintings Quilt and Quilted!!! I love the color in quilts! Anyhoo....GREAT Job! Painting frees the soul! Paint on!!!!! :)

Janvangogh said...

I love your quilt paintings and think you have some interesting patterns on your sketchbook.

Rhubarb pie! Yum!

Susie Q said...

Love quilts and love your paintings....those quilts you mentioned at the museum...we are going to get there by the end of Spring. I here it is amazing there.

Painting is something so can get lost in it and time stands still...drawing, sculpting...working with your hands and mind just frees the soul. You put so much of your own soul into your work.

When will you be making rhubarb pie?? *smile*


jafabrit said...

when will I be making rhubarb pie? when I have finished eating all your chocolate susie LOL!!!!!

Yes I agree angela, it is wonderful to do just what you want. I am going to check out your site :)

thanks jan, some of the patterns are from a 60's kimono I have.

Philip said...

I think you should make a rhubarb pie and preserve it in a Damien Hirst sort of way! This could be your route to international fame!!! Perhaps include a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale for good measure!

Do you put your sketchbooks on display when you have an exhibition?
I like the quilt idea. Will you be following this on via canvas?

jafabrit said...

I've never displayed my sketchbooks before, this will be the first time. I am viewing this exhibit as an installation that showcases an idea rather than individual works of art. Still trying to put it together in my head.

"I like the quilt idea. Will you be following this on via canvas?"

Yes I think so, somehow I want to integrate my love of quilts, sewing and painting. Not quite sure how, but I am working on it.

Cynthia said...

I love quilts too! I think quilts, especially the patch work type, are a great analogy for a lot of things in life. I see patterns everywhere, both visible in nature and the manmade landscape and just in the connections that we make with our fellow human beings.

Lisa Call is an amazing artist too. I've had the pleasure of meeting her in person, but have never seen her work up close. One of these days.

I like to grown rhubarb, but am not a fan of the pie for some reason.

Cynthia said...

That should read "grow" rhubarb.

Mr Zip said...

I love your quilt paintings, especially "Rhubarb Pie." Try as I might, my paintings never come out like that. But if they did, then they wouldn't be mine, would they?

Back to dreaming of rhubarb and spinach curry ...

jafabrit said...

why hello, nice of yer to pop in from the northeast hinnie :)
ah, spinach curry, I will dream with you :)
It's lamb kofte for tonight though.

hiay cyn, now why would I not know you don't love quilts LOL! we have a similar love of painting, quilts and sewing. I have just never quite integrated them like you have.

Dr.John said...

For some reason I thought of you when I saw Javan gogh's art hanging in the bathroom ath the gallery. The first time I visited your blog you were wreiting about bathroom art.

LynClay said...

I love quilts too, they somehow feel and look so warm and comfortable. JB you really captured the feeling of quilts with these wonderful colored blocks and patterns and I love the titles of these! Excellent!

Chana said...

hi beautiful girl. i'm so happy to be here to say thank you for so much caring and loving words that you so often leave me in my blog.

how kind and big your heart is! if you knew how much your comments cheer me up and help me along those hard days. it is a life full of blessings, that of mine. my dear blog friends are such a big part of the blessings list.

you know i love you art. i just came from Janet's blog and i feasted my eyes there too..and i'm so happy to have you both in my guys are awesome..

God bless and i'll be back as soon as i can..i have a little eye surgery on thursday so it might be a little bit again but know you are all in my heart and minds..

be happy.

Sunil said...

This quilt is pretty abstract and is pleasing overall, but for some reason I have not been able to appreciate them as much as I appreciate a painting - not too sure why I have this mindset. I guess we are all tuned from our childhood to think that holding a brush and producing patterns with colors sits on a higher plane mentally than quilting - not too sure, but will make sure to pay a little more attention going forward. I also read recently in the Times about some problems they have been having with the AIDS quilt (some internal bickering) - the creation of which showed 'great artistic vision' by the way...