YES! That Elusive Art Muse

came to me last night just as I drifted off to sleep. I thought, "wow what a good idea". Then I spent the last few seconds desperately telling myself I must remember what my muse said, must remember! must remember! This morning I remembered and I wrote it down in my sketch book that was on my nightstand. I have no idea what it means or relates to, but heck I am going to work on it.

Meanwhile here is a photograph of a painting I did in my second class with Marie Linnekin at Ann Arundel Community College in 1996.
It is called "Doomed Pair" and originally it was just the still life pairs on the cloth at the left. I couldn't stand it, just seemed so boring to me. I was staring at it one day and thinking, oh whoop de do, two nice looking pairs sitting there all beautiful forever, so what! What really happened to the pairs. One rotted before I finished the paintings and the other got chopped up. So I ripped the painting out of the stretchers and glued it to another canvas showing what really happened to the pairs. The artist Lorenzo Dow Benedict who juried it into a my first show said it was like Courbet gets revenge on Francis Bacon. I got a real kick out of that. It was the first time I had entered a juried show and the first time I realized that I really had it in me to paint and the first painting I was really proud of.
We don't often get to hear much about our paintings after they are purchased, but I did find out something about this one.
A couple bought this painting quite a few years ago and several years later it ended up being part of a minor custody battle in their divorce (the husband got to keep it in the end.) The wife did buy another one of my paintings.


Mark Daniels said…
Your post makes me think that somebody ought to write a book about "custody" battles fought by divorcing couples over their artwork. Somehow, it seems so weirdly symbolic of the fact that a couple who once had so much in common--including their love for a work of art--nonetheless come to grief over irreconcilable differences. Yet they apparently retain this common love.

It just strikes me as poignant and silly all at the same time.

In any case, I like the piece over which they fought!
Mark Daniels said…
By the way, I'm glad that your "Muse" has returned. Keep in mind, by the way, I prayed for you to be inspired again. A coincidence? Maybe.

I can't wait to see the new piece.
Anonymous said…
woo hoo! glad your muse is back :-)
jafabrit said…
Mark, couldn't you have prayed my muse come back during a reasonable hour LOL! kidding. That was very nice of you thankyou. I thought it was sad too and wierdly prophetic purchase.

thanks Sue :)
janvangogh said…
Yay on the return of the muse.
Love this painting... I can see why the custody battle.

Did I miss the photo's of the Queen ... how did it go? Did you enjoy being Queen for a day?
jafabrit said…
Jan, let's hope the muse stays :)

Hi nancy, glad you liked the painting. I haven't got the photos yet that a couple of friends took. will post as soon as I get them. Playing the queen was a blast, and I even got a proposal for dinner. Apparently dressing up as a prosperous looking queen vic and sitting in a window helps one get picked up so to speak LOL! Lady Muck (nancy was brilliant) and I really hammed it up something awful.
Anonymous said…
I love when those moments strike, Jafabrit! It feels like magic doesn't it? I'm reading a little book by Julia Cameron, Letters to a Young Artist, and there's a similar theme in there. Be available and receptive to hearing your muse talking to you whenever or whereever it happens! I'm trying to learn this myself...

I liked the back story of your painting!
Can't wait to see what you come up with.
Dr.John said…
Better fighting over art than the dog. You can see how important it was because the wife bought another painting of yours. It will be in the pre-nuptial agreement in the next marriage.
LynClay said…
Well I can see why they were fighting over this painting J.B. because it's stunning work! I'm glad the wife got another one of your paintings too. I'm happy your muse retured to you and doesn't the muse always seem to visit in the wee hours of the morn, that's why it's smart to have your sketchbook nearby!
Anonymous said…
So glad to hear your muse is back! Love the story of the pears painting!
It's funny how our muse will come to us at the strangest hours. My problem is, I can never remember it the next day. I have to get up and write it down immediately or I lose it forever!
Looking forward to seeing the painting that comes out of it!
Enjoyed reading the story of that painting, JB. It's always interestimg to see how you get from Point A to Point B!
The comment right after Lynclay is mine, not sure why it came thru as anonymous?? Anyway, just had to let you know that was me! :)

Good luck with getting your links back. I really like the new blogger much better. Once you get it set up that is!