Tuesday, December 26, 2006

sketchbook: window of the soul

A sketchbook where everything gets dumped into it, images of things, words, poems, etc. Maybe a window to the authors soul? I suppose that depends on the owner of the sketcbook and the perception of others.
I thought it hilarious when my neighbour from glasgow told me she had never heard the Geordie version of tell tale tit (it isn't like we live thousands of miles from each other and come from completely different cultures) and I hadn't heard her version either.
Geordie: tellie tale tit, yer tongue'll get bit, aal the little dickie birds will come an have a bit.
Glasgow:Tell tale tit. Yer mammy cannae knit, yer daddy cannae go tae bed Withoot a dummy tit
Here is one version I heard in America: Tattletale, tattletale : Hanging on a bull's tail : When the bull has to pee : You will get a cup of tea.
How was it said where you are from?
Oh I was tagged by Lyn. so here goes.
6 weird things about myself
1. I like boiled sea snails called winkles dipped in vinegar
2. I like to decorate rubber cockroaches
3. I like my hair to look like bed hair (daughter says I am beginning to rememble my dog-oh that means I must look cute huh!)
4. I think nothing of using porcelain teeth in a peice of art
5. I once bought fake eyeballs off ebay
6. I like dipping french fries in mayonnaise


Still Waters Studio said...

In Tennessee, we used to say, "Tattle tale, tattle tale, hang your britches on a nail." There might have been more to it but I don't remember. My daughter-in-law is from Calif. and she said their version had something to do with a telephone pole.
Whew! One more weekend of partying and we're done with the holidays.
Have a happy New Year.

Susie Q said...

I love french fries in mayo! The best huh! : )
My hair looks like other's bed head as well...my Mom always asks if I do not want to *comb* it. Um, no. This is how I meant for it to be! : )
Hope your Christmas Day was blissful.

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Happy day after the big day ! Whew, I made it through another year of wrapping, way too fatening food and all the joys associated with it.

I have goals for the new year written down and hopes that I can try to be more creative like you.

Looking foreward to seeing more inspiring posts on your blog ... can't say that I'll admit to knowing what you are talking about with the childhood rhyme. I may know, but can't remember how it goes, to be honest.

Nancy Van Blaricom

Cynthia said...

I know I used to have a sing song tattle tale song, but can't remember it off the top of my head. All I can think of is "Tattle tale tattle tale, suck your thumb..." But I think that's from "Baby, baby suck your thumb..." I love fries and mayo too!

janvangogh said...

Cannot remember any tattle tale rhymes.

Followed the winkles link and found that they are listed under edible insects. They sound like the best of the lot! Wood louse? Yecky poo!

I have heard of french fries with mayo -- but to me that just seems like adding more fat onto something already fat. Sort of like why do people put butter on hamburgers.

Dr.John said...

Okay on eberything except the frenck fries in mayo. What a terrible thing to do to poor french fries.

jafabrit said...

you know where I learned to eat french fries with mayo? In Holland.
Now in England I put chip shop curry sauce on my chips(french fries) and here, well I rarely eat french fries.

sue beyer said...

chips with soy mayonnaise :-) yum!!,
vegemite with cheese - very Aussie,
peanut paste and salad sandwich,

I don't remember the tattle tale rhyme, but we had one that goes, scaredy cat, scaredy cat, sitting on a door mat?!?!? don't ask me what it means...

jafabrit said...

marmite with cheese for me sue :)

LynClay said...

Ahhhh JB your post made me smile!! :D Thanks for sharing your 6 weird facts LOL! I had this really mean 4th grade teacher that had a sign made up with the words "Tattletale". She threatened to hang it on anyone's neck who tattled. LOL I never remember her having to use it though.
Yikes I think I'd have to pass on the winkles if they're listed under edible insects but hey the fries in mayo sounds OK! OMG someone please take all this fudge and chocolate out of my house I'm trying to resist it!

gisleson said...

??? I had always heard that chips and mayo was a distinctly Brit thing. OTOH, I've always thought expatriates have a duty to spread disinformation about their homelands, so, yeah sure — blame the Dutch.

jafabrit said...

Hi thanks for dropping by giselson. Not sure what you mean about blaming the dutch and misinformation in regards to fries and mayo though?

Philip said...

Seems to me your sketchbook picture would make a great abstract work. Have you considered doing this type of work?

Philip said...

As a fellow Brit and a visitor to Holland, I can confrim that chips and mayo are a Dutch thing!

jafabrit said...

hiay philip, thanks for dropping by. Hum, I hadn't thought of it being abstract. Maybe I will have to take you up on the challenge.

I am a chips and chip shop curry sauce kind of a gal myself :)

Anonymous said...

tell tail tit
your mother cant knit
your fathers in the rubbish bin
eating fish and chips

Anonymous said...

Your tongue shall be slit,
And all the dogs in the town
Shall have a little bit.