Thursday, November 02, 2006

Art Exhibits in Yellow Springs

"ugly pretty things" at the Emporium the month of November.
This is one of the pieces in the exhibit called "Gold"
In 1887 the world’s largest gold field was discovered in the Transvaal, South Africa. Transvaal President Paul Kruger said: “Instead of rejoicing you would do better to weep, for this gold will cause our country to be soaked in blood.” It didn’t take long for this prophetic statement to come true. After British colonial leaders were unable to annex the Boer republics and attempts to overthrow the government failed war was finally declared in 1899. In 1901 Lord Kitchener ordered that concentration camps be built to house thousands of Boer women and children, and separate camps for the Africans who served under the Boers. The war ended 1902, but not before the deaths of thousands of women and children. It is estimated that 28,000 Boers died in the camps, (22,000 were under the age of 16) and around 20,000 in the African camps.

Peek a Boo at The Village Artisans. Each artwork requires the viewer to open the door, the curtain or lift the lid to see what's inside and there are some fun surprises.

"the Faces of Iran:Before you call me enemy, find out who I am" is at 108A Dayton Street and features photos taken by the Dayton International Peace Museum Director Steve Fryburg.

Nancy will be in a group show at The Winds Cafe (show starts Nov 6th) for the month of November.

THANKYOU nancy for helping me hang my show at the emporium, your guidance and help was invaluable. Have monday marked to help you hang yours :)


Janvangogh said...

Couldnt get the slide show at the Village Artisans site to work -- nothing there.

I have never quite understood the appeal of gold & diamonds.

Anonymous said...

Wow, it looks like it's going to be a good show! I like the background to your piece.

I no longer wear my diamond engagement ring, though I do wear jewelry. The diamond and jewelry industries have done a really good marketing campaign so that it is now de rigeur to have them. I suppose it's like a lot of things now a days...even food, clothing and other goods. It's good to know the source of the items we purchase because unethical manufacturing practices are still being played out today.

I also liked the "Faces of Iran" concept and also the "Peek-a-boo" show.

LynClay said...

That's a stunning visual treat! I think gold and jewels are pretty but nothing is worth the misery and suffering of humans like the camp caused in Africa you mentioned. Sheesh, human greed can be awful!

Chana said...

thank you my sweet for the hug..i hold onto it and won't let go. will hopefully be back real soon regularly again to tell you how great you are...and hear your sexy beautiful voice..

Betty said...

I like the visiting I got to do.
Saw the slide show. Faces of Iran and the Winds.

Dr.John said...

I wish I lived where I could attend a show like that. pewrhaps, at the new house.

jafabrit said...

hi everyone,
To tell the truth I was really nervous about how my work would look in the emporium. As you know my work is really quirky and very mixed media. I think it looks okay though, thanks to nancy's guidance.

I was 40 when I found out that thousands of women and children died in british prison camps. Not something they teach you in school.

I am not really into gold and diamonds too much either, especially when I learned more about the diamond trade and why the prices the way they are.

Even if you didn't quite like my show, I can guarantee you would enjoy the ambiance,the daily fresh baked bread, coffee or homemades soups. Emporium is one of my most fave places in town. Maybe I should do a review eh!

Janvangogh said...

The Artisans slide show finally worked for me.

Your work is always thought provoking. I am sure you will do well at the show. I have not been able to click to enlarge a few on your posts -- need stronger glasses I suppose :-)

Wish I could say that I am not into gold or diamonds for some altruistic reason, but actually it is just my frugal upbringing.

Chana said...

blogger was being naughty yesterday night..wouldn't let me leave you a Dr. John's mantra goes, It's free, It's free, lol..

i was touched with your visits and thank you for your comments. i an most nondeserving..all i really want really is to somehow, someday give back to all of you a tiny bit of what i have received.