Strange Creatures

I used to love getting off work (who doesn't) and hearing the church bells of St. Nicholas as I stood at the busstop on the Newcastle end of the Tyne Bridge. As a teen and young woman I used to walk around the cathedral, the quayside (no not picking up sailors you lot) and exploring the area, but for all the time I was there I never saw THIS.

Yes, it is a vampire bunny and it is located above the doorway of the cathedral buildings (used as solicitor's offices). The building was built in c 1900 and faces the back of st.nicholas cathedral and amen corner. Nobody seems to know how it got there or anything about it, it is a mystery. My mum used to work in the building and never knew about it (well she never really used the back entrance of the building). It was fun to take mum there and show her it. How did I know about it? As some say it "by gannin on tinternet " In other words exploring the Internet, isn't technology great!
"The rabbit's alertness and speed made it a Christian symbol of vigilance and the need to flee from sin and temptation. Like the lion, the hare was believed to be so vigilant that it slept with its eyes open. Its flesh was contaminated with wakefulness and could cause insomnia in its eater. Its speed was a reminder of the swift passage of life." source: ChristStory Bestiary


Axl T. Ernst said…
Ha! Oh he is so cool. Little hidden surprizes like this are always the best. Its nice to return to a place you've been a thousand times, and still have things to discouver.
Janvangogh said…
Was he always painted that way?
jafabrit said…
Nobody seems to have an answer to that question jan. I can't even find historical info on the building other than when it was built. Can't even find old photographs or postcards. I am going to keep looking though.
Janvangogh said…
He looks freshly painted. Just wondering if they chose new colors or went with the same old same old.

If he was all white when you lived there, I could see how you might have missed him.
jafabrit said…
Hi jan,
I found a site that says the buildings were renovated a few years ago. So you could be right, it could have just been stone. You would think if it had just been renovated a few years ago that someone would come forward and have some kind of info or those who ordered the renovations could provide the name of the contractors????
Cynthia said…
This vampire bunny is too funny! Just this weekend, my husband, daughter and I got into a very long conversation about gargoyles...why they're on buildings, purpose, origins etc., I think this would qualify...will have to show this one to my daughter.
LynClay said…
OMG that is one of the coolest buildings I have ever seen and that bunny is just unreal! At first I didn't notice his vampire teeth and was thinking about Lewis Carroll but oh my this is just awesomely interesting! I wish my house looked like this, that would be sweeet! Love it!
Chana said…
ahh, you speak of things i love to hear..the church bells..i love them..not too crazy about vampires actually..too scary.
I love finding unexpected things tucked away in mundane places!

"I vant to drrrink your blooood . . ."
benjymous said…
When I found about this before Christmas I had to go and look myself - it's quite an oddity, and I can't find any rational explanation for its existence either :-\
L.M.Noonan said…
very cool, very contemporary looking bunny. Plenty of vampires...but no vampire bunnies in Newcastle (downunder)
mrsnesbitt said…
Oh wow! Wahayee there lass!
A geordie over the big blue sea eh?
We often have a ride up to Newcastle on the motorbike.

Infact, from my window now I can see Hartlepool, the road we travel when we go Up North!
Great to meet you.

Jafagirls said…
Lovely to meet you too :)
regards Corrine