Thursday, October 12, 2006

Stick Men & Cheese on Toast

And what have stick men and cheese on toast got to do with each other? Nothing! I just love art and food and wanted to talk about them both on the same post.
Okay so there is a woman in the bunch, so technically speaking it isn't stick men,but stick persons, people :) These are the sticks that will be going into the "ugly pretty things" exhibit at the Emporium in Yellow Springs in November. 
I love cheese on toast and one of the first things I wanted when I went home to England is my mum's cheese on toast, which is the best. Yes, it is pretty basic, but there is an art to making it special, as you will find out here.
And just to keep the subject of cheese relevant to an art blog check out this cheesy art list.ships made of cheese cheesy boots house of cheese
oh, PS. I have to tell you I am really chuffed because I got a gold star rating on bloghop. thanks bloghop :)


Anonymous said...

Gods cheese n art. This is like the best post ever.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the "Gold Star"! I think you have a fabulous blog that blends art, culture and other little tidbits of interest not found anywhere else!

Cheese toast? Now that's something I've never tried. It's not like grilled cheese is it? Cheese is one of my favorite food groups...I might have to try it.

Speaking of comfort foods, I run with an English woman, now married to an American, on Saturday mornings and we got into a huge discussion about food the other morning. Her mother used to serve her bread (not toasted) with butter and colored sugar on top. I had never heard of that one either...but then again, I like to dip potato chips in vanilla ice cream.

jafabrit said...

hiay -jlwaqn , yes, art for the gob and art for the mind, what more could you ask for LOL!
cynthia, yes open face grilled cheese. You toast the bread first, then put a little dijon mustard on it, then put the cheese on, sprinkle on a little wooster sauce and then broil. I have heard of people having sugar sprinkled on their bread and butter. I preferred marmite but hum! potato chips in vanilla ice cream, that is just plain wierd LOL!
check out the recipes on the British Cheese Board.
ps there is a national cheese on toast day (april 27th I believe) LOL! "Cracking cheese, Gromit!"

Janvangogh said...

Saw the cheese room before. A cheese house? All I can think of is the clean up afterwards. How did they keep the varmits at bay long enough?

I would like to know the name of his business manager. I certainly couldnt be as hard a sell as a cheese house must have been. I'd be a piece of cake. Cake? Hmmmmm. :-)

Betty said...

I love grilled cheese and I would like to try it. The carving of the cheese was great but then I began to think of the comment about clean up and little animals and I began to wonder.

Chana said...

congratulations on that gold star. you deserve one monthly.

i'm happy you had such good yummies to eat in your trip.i know what that is like, when i went back to Miami i had such a happy tummy.

nice stick people.

LynClay said...

I love the faces on your stick men (and woman) they're so expressive and they look like the handles of unearthed ancient knives. That grilled cheese recipe sounds so delicious I have got to try that one. I bet the mustard and w. sauce makes it yummy! Congrats on your gold star!! Did someone mention a house made of cheese, got to back and check that link now, what will they think of next LOL!

LynClay said...

OMG I just saw the 'cheesy boots' and I'm thinking uuuugh that would sure make a mess on the kitchen floor LOL!! I'd like to walk in those through the house make of cheese, now that would be an experience to remember hehe!

jafabrit said...

I think I like the cheesy boat link best as there are some really cool cheese sculptures. Did you see the cow riding the motorbike? cheesy boots is just melted sliced cheese over a pair of boots!
I'm with Jan though, how on earth did they keep the insects and varmits out of the cheese house?

Hey if any of you do try the cheese on toast let me know what you think :)

thanks for the congrats, I was really happily surprised about the star :) chuckle! chuckle!

Janvangogh said...

I made a "macaroni & cheese" shoe for one of our shoe shows. I used one of those rubber short boots as a mold. Put vellum and poly on it to make a shoe base. Once that was dry, I took it off the rubber boot and made a sole out of matboard and attached it. Then I glued on macaroni with more poly on the stiffened vellum. Once I was done, I tinted more poly with yellow acrylic and globbed it all over. Think I called it Pasta Shoelli if I remember correctly --- was awhile ago.

jafabrit said...

Jan, I like the name you used "Pasta shoelli" LOL! thanks for sharing how you made it. Do you have a pic of it? Be fun to see.

Janvangogh said...

I am going to have to go through a stack of photographs in one of these containers to find it.

Michael said...

Nice gold star.

I like the stick people.

Take Care

jafabrit said...

thanks Micheal. I like the stick people too, well the first two the most. wish I had made more for the show, but oh well, can only do so much. Time to move on to other creations.