Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Street Fair

An outdoor festival coming up June 10th in Yellow Springs. A visual, auditory, olfactory, culinary feast for the senses. Strawberry Festival at the church, belly dancers, clowns, hippies, incence, tie die shirts, funnel cake, arts & crafts, poetry, music and so much more.
The mural is behind the Winds Cafe and painted by Pierre Nagely (who paints murals all over this village-including a beautiful one at the Litte Art Theatre).
So what is with the goose thing ( sez I who owns a garden gnome, a fake plastic dog, and a pink flamingo)? they seem very popular in ohio. Not that I am complaining, they make me laugh, love em.

What do YOU have in your garden?



Michael said...

When we travel we see that communities seem to share similar outdoor decorations. There was an area that placed huge fake butterflies on the sides of there houses. They were pretty cool. The area next to them wanted to one up them so people had TWO butterflies on their houses.

Love the pictures.

My garden has little. One fake turtle.

Take Care

Dr.John said...

We have the village of Pigeon Falls in our garden and a G scale railroad. Betty takes care of the flowers I run the trains.

jafabrit said...

well dr.john you got me and michael beat :) Sounds delightful.

LynClay said...

Oh this festival looks so FUN I wish I could go! I have a fake raccoon and windchime hanging from a tree and a birdbath and that's about it. I think Dr. John's garden wins the prize! :)

Cynthia said...

We are landscaping right now, so we have a lot of dirt, 3 shrubs that are barely hanging on, a pile of flagstone, a 2 ft. cement buddha and 2 rescued cement urns from a house 3 doors down that is about to be scraped for a McMansion.

Having just returned from PA, more is definitely better when it comes to lawn decorations. We passed one house and my daughter remarked that it "looked like a store...a store for bad lawn decorations"!

In our neighborhood, there is a house that changes their decorations according to the seasons. My dog is very leary of the flock of lambs around Easter.

jafabrit said...

oh my seasonal gardne decorations, that's too much work for me. "plonk it in the garden and that's it" is my motto. :)