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I started to find these infringements May 2013 when I discovered reverse image search on google. Unlike a regular image search this method finds your images hidden within sites, or slide shows even if the meta data and file names have been stripped or altered.

Suffice it to say that as soon as I discovered how much work was infringed/used I deleted my jafabrit flickr account, removed many of my images off other sites, put all my blog entries into draft (and republish with low res watermarked images), added a nopin code and no right click code, and respond asap to any infringement as soon as I find it.

These are just some of the many images that have been infringed on by various companies, design firms, musicians, government agencies, magazines, art sales sites, etc. 
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Was I asked: NO
Was I credited: NO
Have I ever been paid: NO
Did I ever give permission: NO
Did I give up copyright: NO
 I changed my image posting habits by watermarking them and reducing the image file size and since then rarely if ever have my work infringed. still come across pre 2013 images being exploited though.

  This is a partial list of images that were exploited. While all of these people claimed copyright to their websites/work, got paid for their work, used my images as part of their  resume/reputation building on the back of my work few apologized or payed me.

    "Dotty" Spin Painting used by dj's, nightclub logo, advertizing, company banner heading, record labels, magazine ad, clown company promo

    Evil Eye Sketchbook Doodle - member of band claimed to have designed it and used for album cover and promoted online

    Spin Painting White Blossom attributed to Damien Hirst and used in magazines, online zines, websites, blogs, products, watch, record labels, magazine ads, etc

    SPLAT attributed to Jackson Pollock and used in magazines, events, copies sold on alieexpress, ebay, Mercado Libre, album covers, fashion sales sites, publicity promos, website banners, designers, music videos, free wallpaper sites. This has been reblogged 7,000 times on tumblr, 2,000 times on rebloggy.

    Flower Power  Felt banner used by ASOS fashion retailer, online stores, publicity events

    Purple Heart Painting and for book cover, and used by this Hotel and this Hotel for publicity.

    Scanned Peacock Flowers used by publisher for special edition book of  Ruben Dario poetry, zazzle sellers, website banners

    Spin Art Set used to promote classes at a Pottery Studio

    Spring Blossoms in Yellow Springs exploited by several organizations with no credit

    Peacock Dream Spin Art

    Twisted Wire Face and Shadow Photo used as logo of Design Firm

    Black Lace Spin Art used for album

    Spin Painting with flower center used by Beaches Resorts promo
    Painting of Young Woman used by marketing firm for album cover
    Screaming Mouth painting used by  owners of 3,000 square foot event space to promote event. I was accused of being a greedy artist trying to scam them after asking them to pay a standard licence fee for use of image.
    Skull Painting used by designer for LIV Nightclub promo. 
    Heart Painting used by Etsy Seller for jewelry
    Crushed Can Painting used  to promote band event
    Dog Drawing used by band for event flyer
    Painted Bottle with Harry Lauder Stick
    Henna Hand Embroidery used as promo for flyers and a Needlework Magazine

    Dog Painting on Vinyl used to promote art festival. This popped up on my radar 7 years too late for me to do much about it now but I am going to vent nevertheless. I am pretty sure Alison got paid for her work.  I notice Halifax News Website has a copyright notice at the bottom of their page. 


      Morna Crites-Moore * Wicked Waif said...

      OMFG ... I am in awe ... this is so amazing on so many levels ... I really do think you should pursue some media attention, especially since people are becoming more aware of this issue. I can see 60 Minutes doing something with this. Also the New York Times.

      Terrice Kennedy said...

      This makes me sick.

      Just when I was planning to market my own paintings on the web...

      Very discouraging.

      Conor Bofin said...

      Dear God! I thought I had issues with my food images being blagged by the ill of heart. This stuff is outrageous. I am delighted you got some recompense for the totally shameful behaviour.

      JafaBrit's Art said...

      thanks for dropping by Morna, sad to say but many, including the media don't care :(

      Hi Terrice, all I can say is just upload small files, watermark, and bulk register your images with the us copyright office.

      Conor, sigh! Hope you are able to address your situation.

      Cindy Schnackel said...

      A long and sad list! I also have a long list of people who've infringed on my work, records I keep good track of and occasionally publish something about one, especially if they've been particularly difficult or abusive. Networking with other artists is often a good way to get the info you need to put an end to it.

      Most of the time sending the site host a DMCA takedown is sufficient and quick. But from what I'm seeing, infringers seem to be developing quite a sense of entitlement and demonstrate zero sense of right and wrong, and zero interest in knowing what the law is.

      The excuses some give are out of this world. Since I send takedowns to the host I rarely have contact with the infringer myself, but occasionally a host handles it stupidly and gives them my email and orders them to apologize or something. The apology is more or less, "I'm sorry but..." and goes on to call me names and blame me. The behavior seems to fall in line with what I've read about sociopathic personalities, truly, no ability to distinguish right from wrong, and some especially abusive ones do seem to take pleasure in causing mayhem.

      Because the info I constantly relied on to do reverse searches and find hosts, etc, was getting to be far too much to memorize, I started compiling it in a blog type post about 3 yrs ago. Others have contributed to the tome now. You may find something here of help. I update it regularly, because what worked 3 yrs ago has already gotten outdated!

      JafaBrit's Art said...

      thank you for your wonderful comment Cindy and I will check out your link.