Monday, July 31, 2017

Shrine at Yarnell, Arizona and Only The Brave

Last month we had just driven out of the Prescott National Forest and were heading towards Phoenix when my eye caught something on the side of the road in Yarnell, Arizona and we stopped. It was a shrine on a sweet little stretch of a main street. I hadn't known the story of the brave firefighters called the Hotshots who desperately fought a wildfire that threatened to consume Yarnell. It was a humbling moment to see the faces of all these lost brave firefighters and their stories on a large plaque next to the shrine.   When we were there last month  workers were in the process of making a remembrance park. 
antique shop next to shrine and remembrance park
Yesterday at the movie theatre we were watching  previews and within seconds we knew this trailer was about Yarnell. I'm so glad they made a movie to honor these brave firefighters.

About the Yarnell Hill Fire
About Yarnell AZ

Mainstreet  Coffee Shop Yarnell

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