Friday, May 17, 2013

BUSTED Image Theft: My Heart painting used on a book jacket?

UPDATE: 5/23/2013
after contacting their webmaster I got this message. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Thank You
This website states on their terms of use page
"The material on this site is the result of research on the internet." 

Just because images are available for view on the internet does not mean it is free to download and use. Image search engines state that all images may be subject to copyright.
"Copyright attaches as soon as an original work is created, and applies to published and unpublished works."


This all feels like a bad bad joke. People just swiping my images and using them to promote their company or use for a cover of a book jacket.

Again, I did NOT give permission, nobody contacted me, nor have I been payed for the use of my work.

Check out the book cover below
  they, Mensagens com Amor, not only  covered my signature up, they changed the image file to his name, uh huh, really!
copyright heart painting belongs to corrine bayraktaroglu
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You want to let them know what you think of them for taking artists images 
here is their facebook page. 
Have at it. 
I have already sent them a message.

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