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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Heart paintings and Skatepark fest

You're reading art by corrine bayraktaroglu originally posted on Jafabrit's Art. 

Thank you for dropping by.

Oh yes! this jafa loves hearts :) I think I will make a couple of them for the guest room, and the others are for the exhibit in October at IN A FRAME gallery in Yellow Springs.
Unfortunately due to copyright theft I had to delete my flickr account which is why you don't see an image, and I can't remember which heart painting I had on here :(

Did I mention I hate my stupid bloody wooden kimono?

skate park-art-music fest

I will be the first to admit I am not a great photographer. I use my camera for my art, to document images etc, but not professional style photographs. I am pleased with the action shots considering my amateur abilities though. It was fun watching the skateboarders, and hear live bands. As a member of the YS Arts Council I was there to help out with the skate-art-music-fest that the Yellow Springs Arts Council and Yellow Springs Human Relations Commission cosponsored. One of the jafa's (Deb) and her husband basically pulled together the whole thing, PHEW!
I loved the superman toy watching a local teen band called the "bloody shelalies" (think that's what they were called).