Saturday, July 14, 2018

Photos From My Chair: Chronic Back Pain and the Art of Patience

It took me almost an hour to get up from the floor. I had this bright idea that it would
recycled plastic bird
ease my back if I slept on a hard surface. To a certain degree it helped but when it came time to get up, hah! I couldn't
Like a helpless bird with a broken wing
I just lay there waiting 
Waiting for the med to kick in
Waiting to not hurt so bad 
Finally I got up
I parked myself on a chair
 I can't really move
I sit at the table
I type on the laptop
I photograph what's nearby
I wait

"Patience is not about waiting, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting."

Currently I'd say my attitude is along the lines of being a muckspout
as in
as in
Bollocks to Patience


This is my Art Life in Ahwatukee


Anonymous said...

oh gosh, CB...
So very sorry to hear this...bad backs are THE. WORST!
Hope your MD or DO gets your back straightened out QUICK. Ugh.

And you're about can't do ANYTHING when they're messed up.

Prayers and wishes for a quick healing

xoxo T

jafabrit b said...

Thanks T 💗.