Sunday, November 12, 2017

Starting Your Career as an Illustrator by Michael Fleishman

 A couple of years ago my friend Michael
 asked if he could include my copyright infringement story/saga/nightmare, included in chapter 12, in his new book.

COPYRIGHT: Hall of Shame

I started to find these infringements May 2013 when I discovered Suffice it to say that as soon as I discovered how much work was infringed/used I deleted my jafabrit flickr account, removed many of my images off other sites, put all my blog entries into draft (and republish with low res watermarked images), added a nopin code and no right click code, and reverse image search on google.
If you're starting out I highly recommend Michael's books and NO I am not getting paid in any fashion to say this. I just happen to think Michael is a fabulous artist with over 30 years experience as an artist, Illustrator, teacher and author of seven other books.   You can check out the Art League's review here.

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