Tuesday, February 28, 2017

From Ipad Drawing to Embroidery

In the court of cancer 
he doth not jest
 as he gives me news 
of my chest.
 It's pretty terrifying sitting in a surgeon's office and being told the best and worst case scenario yet this surgeon had a kindness and sense of humour that was calming. I am not trying to imply he was a clown, but there was a sense of the surreal as I laughed in his office and it inspired this drawing. 
I did this idpad drawing last year and decided to do an embroidery version of it for my "bosom buddies" exhibit in April. 
I used my old lightbox to trace the design onto white cotton. After drawing it out I started to fill in with a bit acrylic paint wash, then hand embroider. For the nose I used metallic embroidery thread over a bit batting. 

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