Thursday, September 01, 2016

Bench Photography and the Amazing Pier 2 Arts Center in Kaohsiung Taiwan

bench photography
This was a two sided bench at the Pier 2 Art Center. This Art Center is amazing because without a doubt you can tell Kaohsiung has made a HUGE commitment to the arts and artists in the area with the the revitalization of the  warehouse district. This place showcases the the work of local artists, special exhibitions, sculpture, graffiti, murals, statues and is truly one of the best art experiences I've ever had. 

Pier 2 Art Center, Kaohsiung: Art, Leisure, And Fun In Taiwan

Talent can be found anywhere, and why travel around the world without witnessing local talents in different countries? Since art has become a huge part of cities in Taiwan, such as Kaohsiung, local art has been given its own place to shine. One such place is the Pier 2 Art Center.
art revitalization
 MAJOR credit goes to the persistence of local artists whose vision for the abandoned warehouses has made this center a stunning example of revitalization and a community treasure that draws record crowds.

Taipei Public Art | VICE | United States

Over the past few weeks, in celebration of the forthcoming release of Tao Lin's latest novel, 'Taipei,' we have been featuring a number of photo albums taken by the author during his recent trip to Taipei, Taiwan. In this selection, Tao shares some of the public art around Taipei.


Anonymous said...

Wow, cool that you got to travel to Taiwan!

How would you characterize the work you saw there?
(Traditional/folk, contemporary, cutting edge?) Also, did there seem to be a broad array of mediums?

Just wondering, as I've been a bit worried about them ever since 'ownership' reverted back to China. I checked out your links but couldn't find a ton of examples of artists and their stuff.

Just wondering...

xoxo T

jafabrit b said...

The amount of public art and support for public art in Taiwan was amazing. The range of art was broad, including graffiti/mural street art. There was not a public park that didn't have art.