Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Cecropia Silkmoth

photography by corrine bayraktaroglu
I have never seen one of these before, let alone get a chance to see it up close. It was outside my garage this afternoon and thank goodness I had enough juice left in my phone and managed to get a few shots.  What a magnificent looking moth with a wingspan the size of my hand. 

cecropia moth - Hyalophora cecropia Linnaeus

The cecropia moth, Hyalophora cecropia Linnaeus, is among the most spectacular of the North American Lepidoptera. It is a member of the Saturniidae, a family of moths prized by collectors and nature lovers alike for their large size and extremely showy appearance.

photography by corrine bayraktaroglu

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Debrina said...

That's a beauty! Are those the eggs she lays too? They are like little seeds....and the coloring is a perfect match!
Hope all is well in your blogging and your real world...Debs