Saturday, March 07, 2015

The Crisp Factory and Photograph Fiasco

and the follow up

Golden Wonder security firm silent after photography fiasco - Amateur Photographer

I love how the security guard said "you can't go around taking photos willy nilly when you bloody well want to." LOL!
As funny as the video is encounters like this are intimidating, especially if it's a person in authority and should know the law. 


I have had a few minor encounters (not with police or security), but nothing like the incident that happened locally

This link, everyday aperture, is specifically for street photography. It includes a paragraph about photographing people in public places and when a waiver/release is needed.  

LA to Pay $50K to Detained Photographers and Teach Deputies That Photography is Not a Crime

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Anonymous said... bookmark addition!
Seriously, I REALLY, REALLY think we've fallen down on the job a bit by removing Civics from the core courses lists in High School as well as not putting enough pressure on our elected officials TO FOLLOW THE DAMN LAWS W/OUT HAVING TO BE SUED!!!!
Let's face it, the main things that separate 'us' (so-called First World Democracies) from the chaos of the ISILs, Kim Jung Il, etc are that we a) HAVE laws/bills of rights to protect us and b) that we insist they be enforced.
Otherwise, we're just chumps and lemmings waiting for the disaster that'll be coming down the pike (and. it. will.)