Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hand Embroidery: Butterfly Series

amazing hand embroidery
I wanted to explore translating  my photography of graffiti, and some of my paintings into stitch and chose the butterfly as a symbol of metamorphosis. The center pieces (except the Damien Hirst one) were found after each butterfly was finished and were chosen not only for their aesthetic value but also to reflect something about the butterfly.

Each one took several months of work and are all hand stitched on cotton, with a felt and wire backing, some subtle touches of paint, beading, and  stitched with 1-strand dmc embroidery floss. Stitches are a mixture of long&short,satin stitch and french knots.

About the Butterflies
I used to love seeing how the graffiti would change on a building facing the bike trail in Yellow Springs. 

Spin Bird 
Won the "artist of distinction" award from the Yellow Springs Chamber of Commerce.

Spin Painting White Blossom
 Why I have Damien Hirst in the center

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