Thursday, July 24, 2014

Visiting Artists Studios

One of the fun things of doing the POWA! project is visiting artists studios. Doing a photo shoot gives me more time to explore and see work that often is not shown or rarely seen. These are amazing women whose work, and energy is truly inspiring.Last month was a visit with my Textile Art Group pal.
POWA!: A visit with Bette Kelley
Yesterday I visited Beth Holyoke's studio
dramatic filter photograph
 and visited one of her strawbale houses.
sepia photograph porch


Anonymous said...

Just discovered your 'POWA!' site the other day and am IN. LOVE.

What a FABULOUS idea, CB!!!! So proud of every gal out there that just 'keeps on keeping on;' ageism or sexism or whatever miscellaneous idiocy they're up against.
And whether it's 'personal' or 'professional,' I'm in awe of women who somehow managed to both juggle a family and work a 'creative' job.

(And especially grateful to women like yourself that put all this TIME and TECH in to blogging about it for the benefit of the rest of us. You're a peach, and we owe you.

(P.S.: would you please relay to Mrs. Kelley how gorgeous her rugs are? Thnx.)


JafaBrit's Art said...

Thanks T, so lovely of you to drop by and let me know and I will tell Bette,cheers ♥