Saturday, June 28, 2014

Very BIG Jesus Statue

Roadside America
Giant Jesus Statue
Monroe Ohio
Always pass this on the way to Jungle Jim's International Market and thought I would stop and get a nice pic. Originally there was another one, many called the "butter Jesus" or "touchdown Jesus", but it was struck by lightening and destroyed.


Anonymous said...

I actually like this one MUCH better.

The welcoming arms.

Which is what we're supposed to be, right? Welcoming?

xoxoxo T

Lisa Graham Art said...

Fantastic statue and picture you too of it. I thought of your post about the dark side of art on Friday evening when someone told me my art was sort of dark. My art? hmmm...but maybe. Anyways, I thought of you.

Happy Day to you Corrine!

JafaBrit's Art said...

Hiay T, I liked the other one much more, but in terms of welcoming, yes I agree it is more effective.

Wow Lisa, I would never have though your work is "sort of dark" but I suppose people always bring their own experiences when viewing artwork and I have to wonder if it their "own dark side" being reflected back at them ;)