Friday, June 27, 2014

The Dark Side or Shadow Self

black and white photograph
I often have friends and acquaintances tell me I have a dark side when they see my art. I've always viewed that as just the yin and yang of life and forget that not everyone accepts it or understands it.  We all have a dark side, it's just that I show mine through my art. Carl Jung called it the "shadow self" and stated the "shadow is the seat of creativity". I'll go along with that.
Just for fun here is a wee test.
Are you aware of your shadow self?
Some don't want to show their shadow self and for good or bad reasons, some deny it, fear it, fight it, and some embrace it, but always it manifests itself one way or another. 

"if shadows could talk, they would tell us there is gold to be mined from every experience" ~ Debbie Ford

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Heart Painting on Wood

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