Saturday, May 10, 2014

The creative challenge of the seemingly blah!

I can't create stunning magical, exotic, urban photographs that so many post and get highlighted on the various social media sites. I live in the middle of Ohio (I am not putting Ohio down, I enjoy my life here). In some ways though that can be a plus creatively. Since I can't depend on amazing rain forests, quaint streets, exotic animals, major urban areas,  I am forced to explore what is around me and what I feel about it.
Waiting at the Car Dealership Xenia, Ohio
abstract photograph of car dealership window
and I wondered if there was anything possibly interesting to photograph. It certainly made me explore my blah surroundings.Then there is the  need to express the joy of lying on my back watching the sky which is as precious 
art photograph of fence and sky

 and as intense as it is to express grief.
the face of grief
Grief is like a million little creatures conspiring to swallow you up, stab at your heart, consume you, creeping over you when you least expect it. Despite the pretty photographs of tears, it is not the tears that roll down your cheeks, but the drool of anguish that takes over.

This is my world, and it is yin&yang and filled with awe. Thanks for dropping by.

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