Thursday, May 08, 2014

Letter to Amazon about Copyright

Dear Amazon,
I realize it's hard to keep track of every single seller on your site BUT why do you keep letting the same seller upload my photograph of my spin painting "spin painting white blossom" and sell copies of it as a Damien Hirst?

I had to file several notices with you  asking it to be removed in 2013
Then had to file several notices to get it removed from Amazon UK.
 NOW I find it on Amazon France 

It doesn't matter if it states the item is currently unavailable, it should NOT be listed under any circumstances. 
It's not a Damien Hirst, he never had a spin painting called "spin painting white blossom" and it's violating your terms or service.

Please honor your statement that you respect the copyright of others.
I should not have to spend time asking you over and over again to remove the same image from your sites around the world. 
oh! please share how much has been earned over the years using my image, coz I never got paid?

Spin Painting White Blossom by jafabrit

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