Friday, May 02, 2014

Classical Vanita Still Life Photograph

I remember someone telling me that to get a good shot you have to almost use a roll of film, or take almost a 100 photos. I now know what they are talking about. You would think a still life would be easy, but the lighting and different settings on the camera make a HUGE difference.
I thought I was going to like it in colour, after all I really love the classic vanita paintings but I ended up really liking it in sepia tones. 
BUT ARG! I realized I couldn't use it for posters etc because I had manipulated it on the iphone and hadn't saved it in a big enough file. Unfortunately using my photograph for posters and cards etc was an afterthought.  However I did have the same shot, but without the warm filter.
I am thinking it will make a great painting and when I am done with obligations for my June miniature show I plan to get on it.
Meanwhile if you are interested in a poster or cards please do drop by my shop.

Skull Still Life by jafabrit

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