Monday, April 21, 2014

Whaaaaaaaaaa, too much chocolate

okay NOT really. I don't eat chocolate. I am more of a licorice girl. Give  me Australian licorice or pontefract cakes and I will stuff me face. I once overdosed. REALLY! I was in my early 30's and  I went to the docs because I was having this strange tingling around my mouth. Doc couldn't find anything wrong with me. Why I mentioned it I don't know but as he was walking out of the room I told him. I have been eating a lot of licorice lately. He asked "reeeeeeeeely, when you say a lot, how MUCH licorice". When I told him his prescription was not to eat so much and I could hear him laughing all the way from the front desk. I was NOT charged for the visit. 
Joking aside there is a dangerous side effect for those over 40 with high blood pressure and heart probs as this TIME article points out. Here is a real story from bbc of a woman who ended up in the hospital after eating too many Pontefract Cakes. So I better not scarf the lot down when I open my bag I got from Jungle Jim's International Market yesterday.

cheers and off to celebrate my birthday

why, thanks google :)

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