Monday, March 03, 2014

Shadow Play

studio plastic cups jafabrit

I really have no explanation for it. I am working in the studio and two plastic cups on the floor had me fascinated for a good hour. 
Enough of that. Got to get back to painting

Monday Morning Notes

I've read several blogs that talk about how unprofessional it is to put signature watermarks on images.  In this day and age that notion seems rather quaint and a bit antiquated. Unless you want your images to float around the world net as orphan works, assumed to be public domain, just grabbed for exploitation, or you don't care about marketing your work then watermarking sadly is a necessary evil.

Well, now you've found me! 
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Kay Smith said...

You are so right, Corrine, about application of watermarks. Some fellow artists have complained to be about adding the copyright symbol, year, and name, saying they can't see the images clearly enough. Well, hello....! Guess theirs have not been stolen like ours have!

JafaBrit's Art said...

I would ask if those artists sign their paintings with their name and date? I bet they do, so why is signing an image online that different?