Saturday, March 01, 2014

March Rabbit Card:She LIKES It.

I have been experimenting, yes! yes! tell you something new. Okay, well I love those old hand tinted postcards and photographs, and wanted to do something along those lines. So
I took a photo of my clay smoking rabbit sitting on the shelf in my tea room. I then converted it to black and white on photoshop and added the pink to the flowers from the colour version of the photograph.

Anyhoo, I thought it would make a great card and put it in my jafabrit SHOP here.
Jean is my very first sale at RedBubble, and I am chuffed as mintballs because I have been following Jean's blog for years. 
If you're fan of beading and wire jewelry or Blyth Dolls
 you may recognize the name.
She is one very busy artist and if not illustrating books she is painting every day, photographing her dolls, AND currently  making forty bracelets in time for two reunions.  She is wondering if she can do it in time. I bet she will ;)
Thanks Jean
PS. I love that your earings match the teacup flowers. ♥

1 comment:

Jean said...

I think that you are SWELL
as an artist you're nonpareil!

Dear Corrine, Thank you so much
You have got the magic touch
I shall return to your store
Because you're FAB, and I'll want MORE!!!

love, jean xoxoxoxox thank you