Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Kim Novak and Online HATE and SHAMING of Women

Women have always been on the receiving end of personal attacks on their looks, and yes I have my opinions too. 
However do we really need to share every bloody opinion regarding how others look, especially hurtful one's that you know she or her loved one's may read. Novak is 81 and despite many unpleasant circumstances or difficulties in life, including Breast Cancer, and Bipolar disorder, she is a survivor. She is an artist, photographer, and poet.  Some people reach her age and haven't done even a fraction of what Novak has achieved.
Slate did an article titled Horrible to Be an Older Woman in Hollywood but for me the bigger issue is the societal acceptance of attacking women online, the bullying and shaming of them. Is this what we teach our children, that it's okay to say whatever horrible, vulgar, or hateful thing you want about others? 


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