Saturday, March 29, 2014

Journey to Bone of Contention

Reconstituting Old Art

Originally the patchwork started out as a small abstract painting on canvas, which really didn't work for me, in fact I hated it. So I cut it up and played with the pieces and decided I liked the patchwork much better.

painted version and embroidery version.

"Bone of Contention"

Embroidery and collage on muslin

I think this one is just about finished, save a minor detail.

Thrift Store Art Renewed
I have seen this done many years ago and always meant to play with the idea.
Maybe I will go and pick something up next week at the thrift store eh!


Zom said...

This is wonderful, wonderful. Thank you so much for visiting my blog as it caused me to visit yours and see this amazing embroidery. It really has to be seen up close to be appreciated.

ria said...

Wow! It looks fantastic, loved the patchwork as a painting too myself, the eye is just amazing! Great piece!

Lady P said...

i love the patchwork, right up my artistic alley ( I am endeavoring on a similar project right now)
and the link to the thrift projects - my buddy and I are just about to "hang" our collaborative piece of thrifted work that was reworked in a prime location in our little burg - will definitely be blogging about it
have i said how you are rockin my world so very often with your blog as of late!? well, you do!

JafaBrit's Art said...

thanks Zom, ria. Glad you like the eye :) I wasn't too sure how it would turn out, but I like it.
Lady P, looking forward to seeing what you do with your thrift pieces. I am glad my blog has had such a good effect :) thanks.