Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bad Painting Days

We all have them, and some us have much gnashing of  teeth and  colourful language emanating from he studio.  I was working what I thought would be such  a simple little bird painting that ended up looking like bird poop. I took my time to prep the wood, draw it out, plan the colours, but no, the muse was not having it, bitch. So instead I added the final touch to the painting below and added eyelashes. How can a more complex painting prove to be so easy and a bird one so flipping hopeless.
Actually I think my problem was I got too precious with the bird painting and instead of being loose I was thinking too much about the end product. What this tells me it that I am not confident about painting birds and need to paint a gazillion of them to get to the point that I can break loose with the brush.  Time to remember this advice I found on Lorn Curry's website "Failure is to creativity like oxygen is to fire....".

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Lisa Graham Art said...

Oh how I needed to read this today Corrine. Thank you.

And your finished piece is quite lovely. Here's to 1,000 pretty birds in the future.