Monday, February 10, 2014

Dumb Starbucks an Art Gallery?

One strange art story and some ask if it's a legal dispute about to happen.
Dumb Starbucks Twitter Page

And if you are wondering how they can get away with this, they are stating it falls under  Fair UseStanford University breaks Fair Use  down in this article. 

Shut down by L.A.County Health Officials.

Anything can be art, I guess, err, I suppose, maybe, whatevvvvvvvvvver!
 for your FURTHER amusement
how about this jackson pollock wanna be with dyed soy milk vomit art. Kind of a twist on Cindy Sherman's vomit photographs. Just in case you may be curious ahem! maybe, possibly, I suppose.  Oh dear! I seem to have gone down some bizarro art rabbit hole and MUST escape before I am sucked in FOREVER.
Meanwhile back at the ranch aka studio jafabrit I am still adding ART to my shop (no vomit pics, honest) and working on my next art piece for a group show at IN A FRAME.  OH and UGH! need a special frame for an art piece and people wonder why artists ask a lot for some of their work, the FRAMING arg! 

Thanks for dropping by jafabrit's art and as the Americans say, have a great day

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Jean said...

I heard about this place but only that "two actors are backing it" which is enough in LA to get lines doubling around the block! Keep us posted! xox jean