Monday, January 20, 2014

Watermarking is UGLY

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Today my task is to put a positive spin on things. 

Yes some people think it's ugly and unprofessional, but there are a couple of reasons why you should consider doing it.

Here is the legal reason
It shows others it is © and if someone removes it it shows an intent to infringe.

I had mine smack in the middle of my spin painting set pic. It probably will end up on George's hard drive as one of those bloody AWFUL watermarks ;) but I was tired of scraper sites grabbing my images last year. Predictably somebody or something grabbed my re-uploaded image from image search (since I have a no right click here and I didn't post this ANYWHERE else) and posted it on a magazine site. This magazine had it on their page Nov, 29th 2013  but by 4th December 2013 the page had been changed completely and my image removed. Glad someone is paying attention.

GREAT write up about the "watermark" debate by MissAniela
and yes I agree with the placement of the watermark being discreet and to the side, in principle. More examples on Pixlr. 

The non legal reason
I really like what Stephanie Farrell wrote on her blog about how when an artist paints a picture they sign it. I also struggled with the idea of watermarking for years until last year. I sell my work, and I licence my images but how are people going to know that if they see my images floating around the net with no reference. So for marketing reasons, and for letting people know who did the work it's a good idea. Also it helps avoid having your art  accidentally attributed to famous artist

Just as an aside I found my spin art on this site and no it is NOT for sale.
spin art painting set
But if you would like to use my image
talk to me.

How to Watermark on About.Com

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Beanie Mouse said...

Yeah, I always watermark.... used to be slap bang inyourface in the middle in big letters, but have now discovered picmarkr (free, google it) which is much less intrusive but as it's "tiled", my name goes all over the painting.