Saturday, January 25, 2014

LOL! yes Bring Me the Head of Damien Hirst

About Bring the Head of Damien Hirst
sponsored by the Arts Council England 
and Castlefield Gallery Agency

"The Renaissance provided a formula regarding an Art hierarchy with money and authority at the top. When an artists skills were brought to the attention of a grand Duke or a Pope, large commissions ensued. These jobs were too large or in too great a number for one Artist; so assistants' were employed to execute the Artist's vision. Today we still have that process in effect and in no small part by Damien Hirst. ......In recent years we have seen the rise of the collector and new heights of recognition for the curator, neither of whom are exclusively involved in the act of making but their input and influence has helped reshape the visual arts landscape. The institutions, curators and collectors are for Shields, playing the roles of the new popes."

anyway considering the theme of the exhibit there is an irony that an image mistakenly attributed to him is being used for the exhibit poster. 
Everybody else gets credit for my spin art painting image except MOI, eh!
NOTE: I have spoken to the artist by the way and this is a sanctioned use of my spin art painting image for the poster.

Talking about Hirst's Assistants, one company website has used my image to spotlight an employee who worked as Hirst's assistant for 4 years.  I would have figured if she had worked for him for 4 years she would know the "spin painting white blossom" isn't his ;)


Anonymous said...

OK the art wank head is hysterical -- pile driving into the bedrock of art criticism - brilliant. thanks for sharing this - I am glad you are still blogging. But I am equally as cross that you are still not getting credit for your work.

Richard Shields said...

That reminds me, I must add you to the text. Thanks again. Happy further hunting.