Wednesday, January 08, 2014

In the News: When Corporations Profit from Infringing Copyright and joining an Artists Union

Sam Levin from the East Bay Express has written a lengthy article, When Corporations Want Profits, They Don't Ask For Permission.
Sad to say one or two of the companies listed in the article have used my work for promotional purposes. 
The article also includes information about Copyright Collaborative, created by my lawyer Emily Danchuk. 

 "I'm trying to unionize artists. A lot of them feel really alone in this," said Danchuk

I felt very alone and taking on major companies who just freely download your images (and my case Kudan Augmented Reality admitted it to my lawyer) have a slew of lawyers is intimidating on several levels.

"This is not to increase litigation; it's to decrease litigation, and decrease all the bullshit involved in going after these infringers."

Oh boy, have I heard some bullshit.

One of the goals of copyright collaborative is to "combat cultural acceptance of creative theft". Many just don't see the problem until it actually impacts them or someone they know personally, professionally or economically. 

It's not just an issue for artists, designers, and photographers; creative theft is hurting companies, organizations and clients who buy the services or buy/licence images from fraudulent individuals.

Just imagine on the most important day of you life, your wedding, and you hire a photographer based on his/her online portfolio and the images are NOT what you payed for.

Photo Stealers showcases a story of someone,Jwarstyle, who had used other photographers' work on his online wedding gallery portfolio. The infringer whinger took to twitter in a tirade.

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