Wednesday, October 02, 2013

The Most Famous Artist You Don't Know

Yes, me!

 I don't care about being famous, but I sure as hell would like to get paid like one, & credited for my work.

I put a lot of time,love and effort into it and expect to be payed for it.
You like to get paid (that's how you pay the bills right) and get credit when it's due, YES?

Like many creatives/photographers I do a quick image search once a week and found several of my works being used without credit, permission or any form of compensation.

Note: Since May 2013 any images I post online are now low res and watermarked. All these infringements are from work prior to my discovering reverse image search in May 2013.

The copyright infringement and outright theft continues and the list grows.  

Recently added to the list
  1. My Dotty Spin Art used by DJ on mixcloud digital  album
  2. White Blossom Spin Art used by singer for digital album
  3. Photo of my painted bottle sold in Second Life member shop. 
  4. My Evil Eye Design from 2010 used for an album cover in 2011,and frankly I would love to know how someone was able to "finalize the design for the album" since I never gave permission for it to be used ;) Seen in the Pittsburgh City Paper.
  5. Music video uses my coaster design
  6. Indian News site uses photo I took of my Victorian Bird Cage.

Then there are the usual scraper sites that hotlink or steal images with ad or porn links, OR just offer them free for downloading.  Tara Bradford has an extensive list of them on her article "How Image Sharing Sites Are Undermining Photography."


If you really LOVE my work that much folks, drop into the Winds Cafe and buy some of my work, or drop by Village Artisans where you can buy your very own Dotty painting in their Bound2B Round exhibit.
you can always licence my images, much cheaper than the cost of my lawyer sending you a bill.


Found art blog said...

You go, girl!!! I really hope Karma does a circle in your favour, and sooner rahter than later!!!

JafaBrit's Art said...

thank you ♥