REPOST: Knickers in Trees and Death in Art

I love Carol Hummel's sense of humour."Down Under"

KnitKnot Tree
before it snowed I took this pic and just LOVE the reflections of the branches on the car window.

I am quite obsessed with reflections, one of many obsessions we have as artists eh!

Talking about Obsessions
artsWOM had a blog entry about people having an obsession with death in art. I am thinking yea! along with pain, happiness, flowers, landscapes, faces, still life's, dolls, colours, naked women, naked men, swirly globby delish brushstrokes, horses,knitted trees lol!
I don't really see that death in art should necessarily signify being fixated on it and morbid (that is a western view perhaps). Like a lot of things that artists depict it is part of the human experience and given as much or as little attention as any other subject that fascinates artists.

Where are all the Famous Women Artists?
Since this is women's history month here is a painting called "Judith Slaying Holofernes" by
Artemisia Gentileschi , a famous artist in her day.
Artemisias comments about the painting (some argue it was motivated by revenge due to being raped, some say not).
Could it not be argued that depictions of death in art can often be about something else, a metaphor rather than just a fixation on death itself?


Maria & Stefano said…
HAHAHAHAH The underwear tree is hysterical!!!
Dark Daughta said…
I love the how her story is mirrored by her choice of this subject matter. Talk about art therapy. The image is fierce and so beautifully painted. It's one of my favourites of all time.

Hey! I saw your image on my blog and thought I'd come by for a visit. I love the images you have here. Hope you don't mind if I come back for a visit some time. darkdaughta
JafaBrit's Art said…
Dark Daughta, I love your attitude, your occupation description and enjoyed the video.I would love you to drop by now and again. I wanted to leave a message on your blog but I couldn't see a comments section?

maria, I nearly peed my pants when I saw it the first time :)
Jane Turley said…
Now I know who stole my knickers....
JafaBrit's Art said…
oh heavens, you in the big knickers club as well Jane, arg!
OK..I gotta meet that underwear tree! LOL!
JafaBrit's Art said…
now why am I NOT surprised olga LOL! you make a right pair.
Jean said…
it's all too much! the underwear tree and then all the rest of it! you are incredible
Kris Cahill said…
First of all, I love the knickers in the tree. And I agree with you on the reflection of the branches in the car window. The fact that we can see those next to that amazing tree in its beautiful sweater is great.

As for depictions of death in art, I don't usually see it as being literal. I often read it as being symbolic of the death of something. And for everyone it will be different, as we are all unique. I have always liked this painting, and see it as her expression of anger and strength. I feel strong when viewing this, not that I want to cut anyone's throat, well not literally anyway!
Undaunted said…
I think death in art can be literal at times (I'm thinking of my Rage painting!) but I think Kris makes a good point, that death in art can often represent the death of something else. Maybe this painting wasn't so much to represent her exacting revenge, but to put to death the negative emotions she had lived with since the rape (and even her interrogation regarding it)? I see no rage in this painting. Judith looks very calm but determined. Her anger is a controlled anger, so I agree that it is an expression of strength. I wonder what people would make of this painting if they didn’t know the artist had been raped?

And how on earth did Carol get those knickers on that tree?!
The Lone Beader said…
Yea, that first tree is funny! :D

And, sure it could be a metaphor.
jennifer said…
where do you get all this inspired energy?? I would like just a bit of it please!
the reflection in the window of the car was amazing! thank you for sharing..
stay warm!
proofpositivity said…
The undies on the tree is great! So funny.
MadSilence said…
Corinne great new blog design. And thanks for adding MadSilence to your blogroll among quite august company. Amazing how the addition of undies can change one's perception of a tree. Interesting link to artsWOM as well. Great art such as Gentileschi's often adresses powerful subjects like life & death. MadSilence
Bill Evertson said…
'Paint with your own blood if need be' - The inspirations you share are well thought.
I was delighted to see that your tree made internet news. This was the headline article on my earthlink sign-in page:

Great article with lots of quotes by you.
Sarah said…
there were actually quite a few northern italian women painters in the renaissance who did get some recognition in their own time but then later on were forgotten of my favorites is Lavina Fontana, whose husband was a painter and he actually gave up his own painting career to take care of their 11 children and help with framing because she was the better painter. what a great guy! She was an official painter to the papal court in Rome.

If you're interested in women painters (Renaissance/Baroque)also look up: Sofonisba Anguissola, Caterina van Hemessen, Judith Leyster, Jeanne de Montbaston, Maria Sibylla Merian, Clara Peeters...
JafaBrit's Art said…
sarah, thanks for dropping by and the list of artists. How fantastic isn't it that Fontana was able to pursue her career and her husband was willing to buck the trend and be a househusband :)

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